Alot in common..on here  

kats60 56F
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12/10/2005 10:17 pm

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Alot in common..on here

i was reading others blogs on here tonight,you know theirs alot of people hurting inside besides me,is there a dump site for the dumped? for us un wants, island of misfits, is that to strong, not really, cause it feels pretty damn bad when your hurting!your like broke, in 100 pieces, 52 pick-up,humpty dumpty, etc! you get my drift! i know time heals all wounds,but till then , we are basket cases,lol. we have good moments, right now im not real down in the dumps,maybe it was the chocolate, dont have any icecream! but there are also alot of smart ass"s out there that think they cant have it happen to them, that their free from being hurt, burnt, used,dont kid yourself,what goes a round comes around!!!!! i never thought id hurt this bad for someone!!

bangingmyhead 54M
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12/11/2005 6:42 am

The ones who don't think anything can happen to them are the ones who won't admit to it. Those are the bitter ones.

Maybe the guy got cold feet? Some people don't like commitment (the idea of it sounds good, but once realty sets in, they freak out).

kats60 56F

12/11/2005 8:02 am


TTigerAtty 62M

12/11/2005 1:58 pm

Smile, Kat! We are alive and that's something!

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