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1/12/2006 11:24 am

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folks called this morning before i left, seems, dad feel out of his bed, broke the bedframe , so mom needed me, i dashed over there, helped her fix the bed, temporary fix, told her she needed a new bedframe, ok, got that taken care of then went by country memories in patterson about a job, shes hiring for a waitress next week, classy place, alot of snobs, lol, ive waitressed bars before, cant be to diffrent, ive worked around country club snobs, lolwhen i managed the bar and restraunt,,soi know i can handle it!, then i went by maddison florist in town, and a girl in there, said shed put in a good word for me, have florist experience from working in st.louis knolls florist, plus worked in a greenhouse and did landscaping to summers so i know i can do it, so,,just got to start one of they other soon,then went by my sis work, then mom caleed me there, how the hell she knew i was there,beats the crap out of me, she got the new frame, was having trouble with it, so its kat to the rescue again, damn, i should put a add in paper to help old people do things, fix etc,lol

well by the time i was done there , i decided to just come on home, do some shit here .. call my bank check on my loan etc,,,

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