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12/2/2005 6:32 am

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JUST REALIZED IT WAS A YEAR TODAY X LEFT, THAT ISNT WHATS BOTHERING ME IM SURE..CAUSE MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY I KNOW IM BETTER OFF! KINDA WEIRD THOUGH THAT OF ALL DAYS , IM STILL HOME,AND NOT AT WORK. THE SUNS COMING OUT NOW SO IT'LL WARM UP SOME PRETTY SOON,IT WAS LIKE 15 OUTSIDE THIS MORNING. I MIGHT STAY HOME TILL NOON, FRANKLY DONT GIVE A SHIT IF I GO IN AT ALL,I HAD A GOOD DAY TILL I THIRTY YESTERDAY WHEN MISS WITCHY POO SHOWED UP. GOOD DAY TO STAY IN WATCH MOVIES MAYBE, DRINK COCOA, JUST NOT FUN ALL ALONE!!! listening to xmas songs on the y and so wish i had a wonderful guy to be with, dreams of little girls i guess,so kline would say/ i want love and all that goes with it,thats not asking much,,so santa for xmas,could you send a little here!!!!!ive ignored many a good guy on here, im certain of that, for a dream i had so many months ago..i may have lost one that would have been perfect for me for the thought of this one guy, ill treasure for sometime to come,if its a weakness, i dont feel bad about it, though it hurts not to have those feelings on the other end,maybe,,,,i think of how hes doing, if hes handling everything ok since coming back home,and wonder if hes missing me at all,think of how we could be having a great time together,that makes me so sad. at work ive layed in the tanner dreaming he"d come in while i was in there,and he"d be waiting for me to come out ,and id know him instantly when id see him! the rest of my life would be happy,,,,come on santa ,,ive been a good girl this year!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

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12/2/2005 11:27 pm

are you interested in talking oline sometime?
let me know.
you sound interesting.

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