katooofa 43F
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5/15/2006 12:19 am

i went. scrambled up to their fancy house in my extremely unfancy toyota hiace - met them. had some wine, ate some cheese, talked talked talked, about everything - kids, work, school, Bush, money, love.
it was really nice. they were really nice.
but: problem. i was not, for one single instant, turned on.

so i went back home again. unfucked, unlicked. dammit.

and left with what? the realization that the sex connection is about something other than intention, even lust - i had both, in ample amounts. and still no sex!?

so what to do? i'm actually a bit bewildered at this point. i've ordered a new porn flick over the net, and temporarily resigned myself to the use of my own fingers and my still vivid imagination to relieve the ache in my pussy.

while i wait for inspiration.

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