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Frankly, I had no idea what to expect when I signed up on AdultFriendFinder. I guess I knew WHY I was here but not what I would find. When I was in college I was always into sex. I wasn't a slut or anything, but when the time was right, I really, really enjoyed the romance, pleasure, and sensuality of it all. It was actually a problem because I would fall for great lovers but inevitably, they weren't right for me.

After I graduated, I focused on career and after enough pressure from parents, agreed to marry a decent man 3 years ago. He was older, wealthy, and frankly couldn't care less about me so long as I looked cute on his arm at business functions. Fine. That I can do.

What I can't do is live the rest of my life without physical contact. Without romance. Without sensuality. Without sex. Anyway, I came really close to having an affair with a guy from my husband's work, but I thought better of it. I may be in need of fulfillment, but I'm not stupid and more than that, I don't want to hurt my husband. He's not a bad man. He's just not my dream man. Anyway, long story that brought me to this site.

Less than a week after I joined, I had like 50 messages from guys. I never felt so popular! Most of them were vacuous or dirty, but a few seemed interesting and I finally got into an interesting email exchange with Greg. Ahhh Greg.

Greg was married, like me, and was in a similar situation. After cancelling several of his entreaties for coffee to meet in person, I finally got up the nerve. We met a Starbucks near his work (he said that he was only able to meet during the day because he wanted to be discreet, which was fine with me). I suppose I knew what to expect from his picture and emails, but you just never know.

I got to the Starbucks early and just kept watching the door, waiting to see him. He got there right on time and he looked and acted just like he was in email. Tall, Thin but clearly athletic, with kind eyes and a nice smile. I like white preppy guys in general (from my college days, but eventhough he was only 32, he was an ivy league graduate and owned a successful business, so he had a confidence about him that really turned me on...I was smitten.

We talked a little bit about our emails and then he leaned over and whispered how excited he was to see me. He said he didn't know what to expect, that maybe I'd be a troll, or 80, or a guy, which was funny because I was kinda thinking the thing about him. That lightened the moment and we switched to a more intimate conversation.

He asked me what I missed most about my college lovers and I told him it was the whole thing: the kissing, the fondling, the laughing, the licking, and the slow, thrusting sex. He told me that NO ONE should have to be without any of that and I was exciting him just talking about it. I told him to prove it. He said for me to prove it for myself. We were in a Starbucks but I was feeling bold and horny, so I told him to follow me into the restroom. He was wearing wool slacks and a cashmere sweater (I love men in Cashmere--so soft), and we embraced and started kissing. It was soft but intense. But I had a I reached down and, Wow!, not only was he hard, but he was huge. It was the thickest cock I've ever felt (admittedly, I've been with less than 10 guys), long, and I had to taste it. I'm not that into oral sex, but the moment was right. I brought him over to the toilet, put the lid down, and slowly unzipped him and dropped his pants. I looked up at him and his face was a mix of lust and surprise--I was in charge now!

He was wearing boxers and his cock was standing straight up and the tip was peaking out the top. I pulled down his boxers and his cock just landed right into my face. I spent the next minute or so just touching it, touching his balls, and feeling his perfect ass. This was the dirtiest thing I ever did and I was loving it. I then gave him the best head I could. Most of it wouldn't fit in my mouth and I ended up using my hand more than my mouth, but he seemed to enjoy it and I know I did. Toward the end, he told me he was going to cum and grabbed some toilet paper to catch it. I loved the feel of his cock pulsating as he came. When he was done, he just looked at me and said, your turn.

We followed me to my house and I took him to the guestroom. When we got there, we talked a little about the house, the neighborhood, and some of the art before he pulled me gently to him and started kissing me again. It was very tender and he slowly started undressing me. I was wearing a simple dress under my jacket and he lifted it off so I was just in a bra a panties. That's when the magic started.

He picked me up and laid me gentlly on the bed and just started kissing me and licking me EVERYWHERE. Between his hands and his mouth, I felt like I was at some amazing erotic spa. He flipped me over several times (one of the times he had removed my bra) and just kept kissing me. Eventually, I could tell he was going to give me oral sex. As he kissed his was down and pulled off my panties, he started blowing on me. His hands were touching my breasts and his mouth and tongue were licking me. For the next 20 minutes all I remember was his fingers and his tongue, licking, touching, penetrating, flicking, but everything softly, unrushed, like lovers. Each time I neared orgasm, he didn't speed up; he just let me cum at my own pace. It wasn't a contest, he really was into it.

Finally, there was a pause and I opened my eyes and he was standing beside the bed, fully erect, and completely naked. He was gorgeous. Lightly muscled but everywhere I touched, his stomach, chest, biceps, was hard and strong. I rolled over and started licking his cock again and he we ended up in a sideways 69 where I came again. In fact, I didn't realize it but I had given up on licking him because I was concentrating on myself.

He pulled a condom out of his pants pocket and also a little thing of lotion. He began teasing me with the tip of his cock while he put some lotion on his fingers and started touching me while he slowly entered me. And when I say slowling, I mean slowly. I took a little bit of time because he is large and it had been a long time. Slowly, we got into synch. He kept rubbing me the whole time and had a way of doing long, sensuous strokes that was driving me crazy.

The next 45 minutes (yes 45 Minutes) was a series of hugging, kissing, and lovemaking (it sounds so weird since I barely know him, but that's the only way to describe it). We tried a bunch of different positions but settled back into missionary. I finally just asked him if was ever going to cum at which point he said, just tell me when. WHEN!!! A minute later he exploded and then held me.

When we finally unentangled, he said he had to get back to work for a meeting and asked me when we could do it again. I told him soon, but that I needed to recover. Honestly, I don't think I could do this more than once or twice a month. It was like a holiday more than just sex and now, a week later, I'm not even that horny anymore...I'm still just in a zen state. Thanks Greg. You are a wonderful lover and expect a call from me soon!

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1/29/2006 6:23 pm

cum and say hello


AthleticCollegeM 34M
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1/29/2006 7:16 pm

Greg is a very lucky man to be with somebody so descriptive imaginative spontaneous and wonderful! Would love to talk find me on AdultFriendFinder to talk

elysianpleasure 47M

1/29/2006 9:17 pm

Great story... welcome to blogville.

hooks1952 64M

1/29/2006 9:41 pm

ok , nice of you to share thease moments with us and keep up the good work. Just be happy !!!


_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

1/30/2006 12:57 am

please send Greg my way !!

Liefs CnC

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1/30/2006 3:22 am

Ahhhhh Greg I am glad you had a pleasant experience and he didnt turn out to be a toad.

Purry {=}


PeterGoesinrough 54M

1/30/2006 3:50 am

Thanks for sharing...sounds like
you've found something there.Very nice
description too, now to go find
my distraction from the real world

Good luck and happiness to you both.
And be careful...

HeardLankaMalls 55M
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1/30/2006 6:53 am

Nice story Katie

Hope you keep enjoying and finding new things to explore

MillsShipsGayly 51M

1/30/2006 7:22 am

Most of them were vacuous or dirty

There are a few ivy leaguers on here .. shhhh

glad to hear you may have found a good one ...

rm_luckyguy648 53M
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2/8/2006 3:33 am

Wow. You write so well I could feel it! Did you receive my story?

BlackSailorMan 51M
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2/26/2006 6:29 pm

I don't know what is hotter. Your sexy slim figure or these blog entries! Thanks.

onearmpullupdude 48M  
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5/16/2006 10:34 pm

great story

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