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2/9/2006 10:03 pm

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It was a few days before Greg and I talked again. I decided I was going to wait for him to contact me AND I felt a bit sheepish about the whole "stalking" incident.

In the meantime, my husband returned from his business trip so I spent some time on my wife duties. I don't darn socks or anything, but I do my best to make my husband feel loved and needed. Because he's usually away for 1-2 weeks at a time, we have a routine where I drop him off at the airport on his way out, and pick him up when he returns. We usually go back home where we eat, drink a nice bottle of wine, and then make love. It’s actually very nice, both because I usually have quite a need after a couple weeks and because of the anticipation. This time, though, I practically ripped my husband’s clothes off. We didn’t even finish our first glass of wine before I started stripping him out of his suit. It had been a long flight and he needed a shower, so lead him to our shower, finished undressing him, turned on the water, and started washing him all over. He was really enjoying it, especially when I took a towel, put it on the marble floor, sank me knees onto the towel, and started giving him oral sex.

Oral sex had never been a big part of our marriage, mostly because my husband wasn’t a huge fan of it and I was a bit of a prude. Now, though, he was clearly enjoying it and I really liked the affect I was having. I kept thinking how Greg would feel if he saw me and that gave me more vigor and energy. I gazed up at my husband and his eyes were rolled back and his hands were slowly falling to my head, where my long hair was getting soaked by the water. He began to guide my head toward his penis, which, ordinarily, I never liked but this time I didn’t mind. I could tell he was about to explode and I stopped sucking and continued to rub him until he exploded into my face and chest. Fortunately, the water quickly washed me off and I rose, smiled, and kissed my husband. He remarked on how happy I was to see him and I laughed and told him how much I missed him. We dried off, got dressed, and went back to finish dinner. After dinner, my husband, exhausted from his long trip and drugged by the alcohol, fell fast asleep. And if you noticed that I didn’t get any satisfaction, well, you’re right.

So…I logged onto my computer and low and behold, noticed that Greg was online so I IM’d him:

katie_73_hi: Hello, Greg, are you there?
gregabcdefg: Katie? how are you?
katie_73_hi: Just fine, lying her, a little bored, thought of you.
gregabcdefg: that’s sweet. Love to see you, but my wife is sleeping right next to me right now.
katie_73_hi: Mine too.
gregabcdefg: You have a wife? And a husband? Wow! You’re quite the women?
katie_73_hi: ha ha. My husband just got back from a business trip.
gregabcdefg: Really? Did you tire him out?! 
katie_73_hi: I suppose, kinda.
gregabcdefg: Do tell, what’d you do?
katie_73_hi: Oral sex. In the shower.
gregabcdefg: mmmmmm. I’m jealous.
katie_73_hi: You should be. Does it turn you on.
gregabcdefg: Yes. Tell me about it.
katie_73_hi: To be honest, I was thinking of you the whole time.
gregabcdefg: I’m flattered…and stiffer.
katie_73_hi: You’d be more fun because your bigger.
gregabcdefg: I would love to slide it deep into your mouth, holding your head, and pushing into your mouth, then starting to slowly fuck your mouth
katie_73_hi: mmmm. I'm slowly fingering myself
gregabcdefg: mmmm
gregabcdefg: slowly stroking in and out of your mouth
gregabcdefg: then pulling back a little to let you start to work on my cock
katie_73_hi: yumm. mmm
gregabcdefg: feeling you wrap your lips around it and suck up and down it
katie_73_hi: let me lick your balls
gregabcdefg: mmmmm yes
katie_73_hi: let me suck your balls
gregabcdefg: you hold my cock up, moving down to my balls
katie_73_hi: yes. with my hands touching your ass
gregabcdefg: mmmmmmmm
gregabcdefg: you sucking my balls into your mouth
katie_73_hi: yes. then i would lick your ass while I jacked you off
gregabcdefg: ohhhh yes
katie_73_hi: you like that, greg? Tell me what you want me to do.
gregabcdefg: go back to sucking my cock for now
katie_73_hi: mmmm. All day. I would be on my knees as long as you like.
gregabcdefg: mmmm good girl
gregabcdefg: then i'll suck your pussy for you
katie_73_hi: yes. I'm your good girl.
gregabcdefg: you take your head back to my cock, licking up and down then taking me back into your mouth
katie_73_hi: mmmm
gregabcdefg: hearing you slurp as you suck hard on my cock
katie_73_hi: I want you to cum in my mouth
gregabcdefg: well what the lady wants the lady gets
katie_73_hi: cum for me
gregabcdefg: you roughly sucking my cock
gregabcdefg: stroking my cock into your mouth
gregabcdefg: feeling myself start to cum
katie_73_hi: I'm caressing your balls while you cum
gregabcdefg: mmmmmmmm
gregabcdefg: shooting my hot cum into your mouth
katie_73_hi: I'm going to swallow every drop
gregabcdefg: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
katie_73_hi: yummy
katie_73_hi: Greg?

katie_73_hi: you ok?
gregabcdefg: Sorry, I had to clean the sheets and change clothes…you messed me up.
katie_73_hi: Sorry. Actually, not really!
gregabcdefg: How about you?
gregabcdefg: That was a lot of fun! Did you enjoy it?
katie_73_hi: Yeah. First time I’ve had cyber sex. It was sexy…
gregabcdefg: did you touch yourself.
katie_73_hi: yes.
gregabcdefg: Did you enjoy?
katie_73_hi: yeah, it was intense, actually.
katie_73_hi: When can I see you again?
gregabcdefg: Are you free on Monday?
katie_73_hi: I can be…what did you have in mind?
gregabcdefg: I have to be on the road most of the day. Long drive down PCH. I only have a 1 hour meeting to go with 4 hours of driving. You can be my carpool buddy and I’ll buy you lunch.
katie_73_hi: How romantic…not!
gregabcdefg: I know a little place on the ocean we can stop in the afternoon…I’ll make it worth your while.
katie_73_hi: Sounds nice. Where should we meet?
gregabcdefg: My office. 8AM. Ok?
katie_73_hi: Ok. What should I wear?
gregabcdefg: Something sexy…short skirt, white blouse.
katie_73_hi: You’re on.
gregabcdefg: Turned on, again, actually.
katie_73_hi: You’ll have to wait until Monday!
gregabcdefg: Looking forward to it. Sleep well!
katie_73_hi: Ditto. Bye Greg.
gregabcdefg: Bye.

I was smiling as I closed my IM. I snuggled up to my husband, put my arm around him, and went to sleep.

rm_the_whole_9 38M
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2/10/2006 7:11 pm

That sounds like the beginning of one great love story, like "Bridges of Madison County," only more pornographic! I think that the two of you make a good discreet couple, I just wish that I could've been there first.You've got a really good, descriptive writing style. I look forward to your next blog entry. Take care!

pursuitoflover 53M

2/12/2006 11:44 am

As before your writing style has captured my attention. I not so sure about the "copy and paste" of the IM conversation. Normally its not a real good idea in writing, but it this case it seems to work.

I'll be interested to hear about the trip up north. I wish I could share a great nonfiction story with you, But at this point in time I will just have to continue to write you some of my great fiction.

pursuitoflover 53M

2/15/2006 7:28 pm

Give us the 411 woman. You can't leave us hanging. How did that date go.


rm_justron9000 55M
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2/15/2006 7:50 pm

pure is right. the cut and paste worked well. more please.

rm_Orange_C_sex 41M
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3/2/2006 11:46 am

i wanna be your next greg.. but you don't have to wait.. just call me and you will find me there.

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