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4/15/2006 11:55 am

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I was going to post the next saga, but was so impressed by this email that I got, that I thought I'd post that instead...Yummy.

Today was the day that I was finally going to meet Katie. For the past couple of weeks we had been exchanging e-mails, pics and IM ing each other. So we kind of had a good idea of what each other looked like, our personalities and what we liked and disliked. We decided to meet at a Starbucks close to her. For the first meeting, I wanted her to pick a place that was close by and public so she would feel comfortable. We decided to meet around 9:30am. It was not so busy at that time. When I arrived and walked in she stood up and walked towards me to greet me. From the smile on her face I’m sure she was relieved, as I was to find that I looked as I did in the pictures I sent her. Not only was I pleased to see her looking the same as in her pics but I was also pleased to see how she was dressed, especially wearing a really short skirt.
We both ordered something to drink. I could not keep myself from staring at here gorgeous body and viewing her lovely legs. She had such a nice smile that made me feel so comfortable to be with her. We sat down and talked a bit. It was nice to finally have a conversation in more detail than e-mails and IM. After about a half hour we decided to take a drive to my place. It was about a 30-minute drive. On the way there, we continued to engage in conversation. I explained to her in more detail about what I do for work and some of my traveling adventures. Since I’m also interested in Chinese language and culture, we talked about that too. Since she was wearing such a short skirt, when she sat in the car, it was even shorter. I could see her panty slightly exposed. With everything going so smoothly, I placed my hand on her leg. My car is automatic so it was easy for me to drive with one hand while stroking her leg with the other. She made no attempt to push my hand away; in fact, she parted her legs a little wider to allow me more access. I continued to stroke her legs before moving on between her legs. I rubbed and massaged her pussy through her panty. I could feel her moisture soaking through her panty. She began to squirm slightly, shifting a bit to my touch.

Finally we arrived at my place. As soon as I closed the door she pulled me close to her and we began kissing. At first it was just her soft moist lips, then I could feel her tongue protruding and darting into my mouth. I pulled her close to me and my hands went directly under her skirt. I rubbed and squeezed her bare ass and realized she was wearing a thong. I picked her up and carried her over to the sofa. I sat down and she sat on top of me, facing me. We continued to kiss and fondle each other. As I continued kissing her, I removed her blouse and bra. Exposing her supple breasts. I broke the passionate and deep kissing and started to kiss her neck and kiss my way down to her breasts. I licked, kissed and teased her nipples before sucking on her breasts. While I was sucking on one, I was massaging the other with my hand. After some time of this, I stood her up and slid her panty down and removed it. Now she was naked except for the skirt. Since it was so short and everything still accessible, I left it on. I sat her down and spread her legs so I could go to work, licking and lapping at her wet pussy. I then slipped a finger inside her as I continued to lick and suck her.

After some time, she asked me to stand up. She began to unhook and unzip my slacks revealing my boxers, which she then pulled down. I watched her fondle and handle my tool, caressing the length of my shaft and rubbing my balls. Then she took me into her mouth. A smile came to my face to see how she made my dick so wet and to see it glistening. “Make my balls wet”, I said to her and she immediately began to lick and suck my balls. While she was doing this, I started to remove the rest of my clothes.
Although I was enjoying such a wonderful blowjob, I pulled slightly away and reached inside my pants pocket to get a condom. After putting on the condom I sat down on the sofa and let her mount me, facing me. She slipped the tip of my shaft in and slowly lowered herself all the way down. She leaned forward and started sucking and licking my nipples. Then she began to move slightly up and down, getting faster as she felt more comfortable with my dick inside her. After letting her be in charge for a while, I told her to get off of me and then get on all fours. Throwing up her skirt, I entered her from behind doggy style and started pounding into her, admiring the way her ass shakes with each thrust. While pumping her, I give her ass a few slaps. I lean forward to grab her breasts and she leans her head back to kiss me. After so much excitement, I finally shoot my load.

Now that we worked up an appetite, it is time for us to go to lunch. We end up at a Thai place that is nearby. While we are standing waiting for a table, I put my hand under her skirt. When the waitress walks up to direct us to our table, I continue to keep my hand under her skirt, as Katie seems not to mind. We sit down and enjoy our meal. After eating lunch we go back to my place again. We strip off our clothes and hop into the shower. We clean each other taking time to kiss and fondle under the warm water. Now we go to the bedroom and I lay her down naked on her stomach on the bed. I begin to apply some lotion on her while giving her a massage. Rubbing her from her neck down to her feet while spending time kneading her lovely ass. Then I flip her over and spread her legs. Once again I go to work on her lovely pussy. After giving her some quality face time, I stand up on the bed, while she gets to her knees and returns the favor. It is so exciting to see my dick swell and grow in her mouth. Then I lay her on her back and with her legs wrapped around my waist I begin to enter her. As I lean over her, she sticks out and offers her tongue to me as we embrace in a deep passionate kiss. I briefly release myself from that position and flip her over again. I reach and grab a pillow and place it under her hips so as to raise her lovely ass in the air. Then I climb on top of her and penetrate her from behind. Being overwhelmed by the excitement and feelings, I cum once again. Afterwards she continues to buck her hips and move her ass still bringing us both with pleasure. We lie in each other’s arms and drift off to a restful and satisfying sleep.

Ending Version 1

Upon waking we realize the time and the need for us to go. We freshen up and get dressed. I have to drive her back to the Starbucks and take her to her car. While on the way there, she reaches across and pulls down my zipper. Without saying a word, just a smile she proceeds to give me a blow job while I’m driving. She sucks me slower this time as compared to at the house, rubbing my balls through my boxers. While I cum and try to concentrate on my driving, she takes my warm load into her mouth and swallows every drop. “Thanks for driving today” she said.

Ending verion 2

We wake up in each other’s arms and both smile at one another. Realizing the time and the need to go, we still have some time to relax and enjoy an hour together. We engage in some small talk, kissing and caressing. She then begins to lick and suck on my nipples. I lay back in soft moans while enjoying her pleasures. She proceeds to her way down to my swollen member. There she starts to lick and suck me. While she is licking me, sucking me and massaging my balls, I am rubbing her ass and slipping my finger between her legs. This goes on until I shoot my load of hot cum into her mouth. She continues to drain me dry while massing my balls. We get dressed and I take her back to her car. After arriving to her car, like a gentleman, I walk her back to her car. One last time we embrace in a warm kiss. I again slide my hand under her skirt. We say our final goodbyes and both drive off smiling.

funnnnguy2 69M
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5/9/2006 1:23 pm

nice katie
very sensuous and stimulating. i like ending version #2 most... a little more action for both of you.. wish i was the stranger man mmmmmmm smooch john

rm_socal90232 43M
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12/30/2006 11:51 pm

I love your stories. Maybe it's because I'm married too and I can completely identify with you. Maybe it's because I work in Culver City and I get hot imagining which Starbucks you acted these stories out at. An maybe it's because I can imagine it's me standing behind you, one hand on your belly, one gently pulling up your dress while I kiss your neck.

I'd love to meet for a drink one day to see if there might be a connection.

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