fun and a sort of closure  

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8/20/2005 6:52 pm

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fun and a sort of closure

I have been fortunate enough this weekend to spend time with two ladies (separately) and I enjoyed my time with both. I can't speak for others, so I hope they enjoyed our time together as much as I did. I enjoyed our activities and also our conversations. It was so good to talk with two people you are intelligent, funny and a joy to just be around. I don't take these meetings for granted. It really means something special when people take time out of their lives to see you. One lady is here in Texarkana and the other is in Malvern. Which brings me to a kind of closure, at least as close as I will probably get. Malvern is only 15 miles from the lady in Hot Springs.....if you have read my previous two post, you know where this is going.

I left early for Malvern and went by the apartment of the Hot Springs person. This may seem like a stupid thing to do and somewhat aggressive(it is both), but I deserve an answer. Going to her work, which I do know, would be aggressive. That's not me. I knew she would not be home anyway, she would be at work. I knocked, no answer as expected, so I left a note that I had already printed. It stated that I am not angry and I will not cause trouble, but I would like to know what happened and why. I gave her my phone number and suggested she call me. If she did not want to speak to me, she should call between 8-5 Mon-Fri and leave a message, I would be at work then. When her room mate moved out, she may have taken the computer they jointly purchased, so she may not have gotten my emails or be able to contact me without talking to me. Before, when the computer was there, she may not have written the phone number down and her room mate may have erased my earlier voice mails, but now there is no excuse, she has the info. I have left new voice mails on her phone and now the note, so she knows my number for sure and how to contact me without actually speaking to me. And that is closure for me. I would like an answer, but this is all I am going to do. Unless there is more news, I am not wasting any more thought on it.

I had mentioned that I might name her here, but I have decided not to do that. I will say that if any man is going to meet a lady in Hot Springs, AR, mid 30's, Native American, be sure to read the blog she keeps. I posted a comment on her first entry, mine is about the 6th one I think. I will not allow the lack of consideration of others to bring me to their lower level of behavior.

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