Waiting for Thursday  

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9/5/2005 5:46 pm

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Waiting for Thursday

I will not bore you with stories of my dental woes. I have them, but they will soon go away. I then will be able to return to my usual self. It will be up to those who know me to decide whether or not that is a good thing. Maybe they expect some improvement? If they know me, they have no such expectations!

I had fun over part of the three day weekend, other times I enjoyed my time alone and the peace of mind it brought. And at still other times I enjoyed nothing at all. Thursday can not arrive soon enough for me.

I donated some clothes to a friend's Church, but I did not volunteer any time to the relief of the Katrina victims. Part of he reason was due to illness and the other part to laziness. I took steps to repair a friendship that was troubled due to miss communication on both sides, so that has to be a good thing.

I removed my standard cock shot picture and replaced it with a sketch of a man wearing a wizard hat, peering at the stars through a telescope. It is posted here. I thought it summed me up nicely. I always try to look forward and up, figuratively and literally speaking. It was rejected by AdultFriendFinder. A friend obscured a pic of me and I have submitted it as my profile pic. Let's see if it passes.

Now I am doing laundry. By the way, Oral Gel tastes better than Ambesol. Just so you know.

sweetmommy_01 43F

9/5/2005 8:26 pm

thanks for lettin me know about the differance between them..Had a blast today by the way.. I hope you get to feelin better soon

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