So far, so good  

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8/21/2005 9:43 am

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So far, so good

I woke up early, so I dropped the top and went to a favorite place. This is a lake near me, about 30 miles away that is very nice and peaceful. The drive is good on a state highway, when you turn onto the road going to the lake it starts to get smaller. The shoulders go away, the road narrows a lot as you go and the things on the side of the road (buildings,etc) start getting very close to you. At this point it seems like you are driving through people's front yards. Just when you think you are completely lost, you arrive. There are a lot of picnic tables and a boat ramp, but hardly any people ever. No one this early in the morning. It was quiet, relaxing and I must say, I deserved it. There were birds, squirrels and the natural beauty of the whole experience. The sky was perfect blue with fluffy white clouds and temp was good. Had a great drive back home too with wonderful music playing. Having all this and a nice lady to share it with would have been perfect.

Some strange observations. While driving to Malvern yesterday I stopped at a rest area, used the facilities and then got some peanut M&M's from the outside vending machine. They are still true to their word even at 100 degrees....they melt in your mouth, not in your hands. While coming back I stop and got an Icee (cola, of course) and a Butterfinger. Yes I love chocolate. Why do we always search for the one that is not broken in the middle?? Why is that so important when all you do is eat it in 6 bites anyway?

Why does it take so long for this site to post blog entries? I placed one yesterday evening around 9 PM Central time. It posted this morning at around 8:30 AM I think. I checked it before I went on the drive earlier, so it did not post over night. I am sure they review them by key words by computer, looking for things out of bounds, but I almost never get down and dirty with with postings. Most are about my day and experiences without juicy language, etc. Mine should flow through quickly. Any answers out there? They also post them with West Coast time ....I guess their office is based there.

I hope every one is OK and that you had a pleasant weekend. I hope your work week to come is a good one, too.

PS: This entry posted in about 2 1/2 hours.

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