Pity for the weather person  

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9/21/2005 5:48 pm

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Pity for the weather person

Why are the weather people forced to stand outside in hurricanes? We know the wind blows hard, we don't need to see the person nearly blown over, struggling to stay upright. We know it rains hard, we don't need to see them wincing from the pain as the rain comes in horizontally. Why must they be at risk of flying debris? Stick a camera out there and we can see the trees nearly bending double, the rain pounding down and the stuff blowing down the street. It does make me appreciate my job more, however.

One show I have watched for years is COPS. It always makes me feel better. No matter how hard my day was, how many hours I put in, whatever went wrong, even if I got yelled at ten times or had to yell at other people twice as much, it is nothing compared to the people on COPS. So you think you had a bad day? Did you get in a high speed pursuit with the Police? Did you wreck your car after hitting the spike strips, get maced, tazed, have guns pointed at you, get slammed to the ground by fat Cops, have the attack dog put on you, get handcuffed and put in the back of the Police car? And did they find ten pounds of happy weed and guns in your car after that? I didn't think so. So, was your day so bad after all? Remember that COPS is real reality TV. I watch one episode a day if I can. To make it worse, all that was caught on tape and broadcast on national TV for the next fifteen years? Think of it, you did your time, you're free now, you're rebuilding your life, but every so often they re-broadcast that show with you and EVERYONE of your new friends and co-workers see it....The gift that keeps on giving.

Another good show to make you appreciate your job and life is Dirty Jobs on Discovery. They have this guy go out and do the most awful jobs. Picking up road kill, working in a fish processing plant, picking apart trash at a recycling plant, working in sewers, etc. He has a good sense of humor about it, of course he is doing a TV show, not the real job day after day like the other people do.

I really do like my job, it's the best I have ever had. If I may brag a quick second, I do it well. So no one yells at me and most people appreciate my efforts. It's not my style to yell at others so that doesn't happen much at all. Of course things do go wrong sometimes, there are long hours and some days you just should have stayed home, but most of the time it is OK. Winning the lottery would be much better than OK.

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