Monday, a mixed bag  

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8/29/2005 8:22 pm

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Monday, a mixed bag

Sunday, met and spent the day with a lady. We had a good day together and fun was had. I can say we both had a positive encounter. I have been feeling on and off lately and finally have to deal with it Tuesday afternoon. The Dentist awaits me. Won't bore you with details of discomfort or pain, you all know what I am talking about anyway, we have all experienced it at some point. The town is running over with hurricane escapees. The hotels are full. Gas prices jumped 20 cents a gallon in one day at the station I use.

In my last post, I wrote about life and my place in it, etc. Uncertainty was certain. Conversations with several people have allowed me to feel better and let me know my position in the cosmos. Most of the conversations were good, one was not, others were people at work and it all brought me to the point where I know what is going on again. These conversations were not direct ones where this subject was discussed in most cases, but round about discussions that made me aware and think. I know who and what I am as a fact, nothing grandiose or over blown, but I feel good about it and myself.

A point of clarification. I want people to know the fact of the ladies I have met through this site so no one thinks I am Don Juan or something. I want them to know as well so there are no hurt feelings or people feeling they have been mislead, lied to or played in any way. There are two ladies that I have a regular sexual relationship with as time allows. It is more than just sex, we talk, have lunch and just hang out. One lady more than the other. I have met and been with a couple of other ladies, but for one reason or another no on going relationship was established. It is more than just great sex that establishes an on going relationship. There are so many factors that bring it together. I want to maintain the two relationships that I have (as long as they want the same, of course)because they are fantastic people. I hope the new lady becomes a long term friend too, but I have no intention of trying to have dozens of women, even if such a thing were possible. I am a private person who is a loner by nature and I NEED time alone to keep myself sane and centered. There are other ladies that I chat with on a regular basis, but that is all they want and that is fine. I like having friends at all levels. For the record, I expect and assume that these two (or three) ladies have other relationships and friends too.

So, there it is for all to I will go to bed and sleep the unrestful sleep of the dentally injured.

sweetmommy_01 43F

8/29/2005 10:18 pm

well i know i had a great time yesterday was so relaxed and never once felt uncomfortable..You are a great guy who is all around nice. cant wait til we meet again.

leo_angel43 55F

8/30/2005 4:55 am

Sorry about the dentist thing, but I hope it all works out to the good. As for the time alone, I can understand that, for me it is the same, alone time to regroup, recenter and reenergize. Not alot of people understand that, and if they arent the same, most never will.
Good luck at the dentist

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