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9/19/2005 4:52 pm

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Hodge Podge post

The weekend went pretty well I guess. It was kind of an easy going, laid back sort of weekend. I did have some fun on Sunday, however.

I think I have a lot of the medication still in my system from my recent problems. I just finished off the anti-biotic's last Thursday. Plus I had the med's that put me to sleep during the procedure and lots of Tylenol, too. Lots. I dislike taking medicine, even when needed. They have all sorts of hidden side effects to deal with. Anyone remember a few years ago the diet medicine that worked well, so well it dissolved your heart valves? Other medicines weaken or damage your liver and kidneys. Who knows what else they might find in 10 or 20 years from now about side effects. Right now I feel kind of tired all the time and my sense of taste is greatly reduced it seems. I take them only when I have to do so, but don't get me wrong, they have their good side and should be taken when necessary, but only then. We as a nation over medicate severely. When I have a headache I would rather tough it out during the work day and lay down after I get home. Let it go away naturally.

My teeth and gums are still very sensitive. The pizza I had last Thursday, while I enjoyed it and don't regret a minute of it, caused my teeth and gums to ache for a while. Hard food makes them that way still. All the stitches are out at least.

I have a friend who is thinking of entering a serious relationship. She is thinking of moving in with the guy, far from here. I wish them both well, but worry they are moving far to fast. One never knows. She deserves happiness and I hope she gets it.

I am glad fall is almost here. People think of summer as the time of year for convertibles. NOT so!!! Anything about 90 degrees is too hot for a top down drive. The idea of having hot air blast on you is not good. Want to sit in front of a big hair dryer on high and hot? You always have to add in the humidity for the heat index. With a real temp of 95, the heat index is around 110 degrees. Driving in the middle of the day with the sun beating down on you, baking like a potato, is not fun at all. Think of that and stop and go traffic. When the temps are in the 80's or lower, it is much nicer. I really like it when it is slightly cool. Chilly air, the haze of summer gone revealing the bright crisp colors of the scenery, well, that is really great. I am looking forward to it! Any ladies care to join me??

resilient_iam 46F

9/19/2005 5:30 pm

Me, me, me....i wanna go with ya

sweetmommy_01 43F

9/19/2005 5:58 pm

You are a great friend thanks for wishing me the best i will take my time if i can lol...had fun yesterday thanks

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