Hello again...  

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7/30/2005 3:08 am

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Hello again...

I got an email today telling me that an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago was published here on the site! I was surprised, but it made me feel good too.

My ex and his legal problems...his problems period...he's really in a jam this time, but he doesn't seem to be too worried about it. 35,000 bail, 6000 for a lawyer, a buttload of his tools and other person property seized by the police, and looking at 15 years doesn't seem to effect him much. Maybe he really is just out of his f**king mind after all.

You know, I have been waiting for a year and a half for him...I believed that we were getting back together...
I wanted that. But after all the things that he has done, the disregard of my feelings and the destruction of my self-esteem--mind you, he did all this in the last year and a half...we were together for 6 years and he was nothing like that--I have finally accepted the fact that it will never happen.

I have been alone the majority of that year and a half...while he was with someone else. He was suppose to come over here tonight, but of course, he had something more important to do, he usually does, so once again, a no-show.

I wish he had made it over because I needed to tell him something...I needed to tell him that I am not waiting for him any longer. I needed to tell him that I wish he had not completely killed the love I used to have for him. I needed to tell him that there will never be anything between us again. That I am finally moving on with my life, a life that he has chosen not to be a part of.

I wish I could just forget that I ever knew him...but that's not likely. I have loved him for about 10 years now, from the first time I ever saw him...I didn't even know his name...and now I wish I didn't.

Goodnight everyone...

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