respond to when karma least expects it  

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4/7/2006 1:59 pm

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respond to when karma least expects it

dearest Mistress,
thank You for everything You give to this one Ma'am, and everything You are to this one is so important to karma. there is no one who could be more serious and want and desire to take the time as You have with karma Ma'am. and this one thanks God everyday for You Ma'am. karma thinks on the 11th will be a big turning point for You Ma'am, she is not so sure what will happen, but dinner with mom? hmmm that should be very nice Ma'am. karma wished she could come, please send mom karmas love please Ma'am. this one knows things will be wonderful for You and Russ, even not knowing if it will be together Mistress, this one knows You will always have a love and friendship for Him. and for that He too is very lucky. karma often wonders what it would be like back in florida for herself, but karma knows she would miss You too much to ever go back.. now its time to move forward Ma'am.. karma will try very hard to keep her head straight, and she will always think of if You would like what she is saying or doing Ma'am. perhaps there are times that karma has displeased You Mistress.. she doesn't do it intentially Ma'am, and will try very hard to not do so again. Mistress, this one doesn't know if You truely know how she feels when You are displeased with her, but karma will let You know Ma'am, she is torn up inside.. lastnight even she did use silverware Ma'am.. her heart was broken because she dissobeyed Mistress.. the pounishment she cvarries for herself is worse then any beaten she should and could get Ma'am. and that is how it should be, thats why she knows her deep feelings are so real for You Ma'am.. everything effects karma in Your day to day living Ma'am. thank You Mistress for allowing this one to love Your boys Ma'am, she will always love them and cherrish them. karma knows Your in love with her brother Ma'am, she also knows that love doesn't just dissapear Ma'am. but she sees You be strong Ma'am. in Your situation this one would not know what to do, so she would do exactly what she shouldn't do.. karma knows she has You confused Mistress this one looks up to you and is so happy that she has You for her guidence..

love You always

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