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karma rules

Dearest Mistress,
this one has alot of questions for You, so she may serve You better and not become lost.. thank You for taking the time to read over these..


1.will bro and this one be doing assignments together or training together Mistress?
2.is this one allowed to touch knives Mistress?
3.is this one allowed to eat with silverware Mistress or plastic ware?
4.do You Mistress desire this one to learn all the slave possitions?
5.in this ones training will there be silk training? silk training-
The white silk slave is not necessarily virgin, merely reserved for her Mistresses sole use. Generally permitted to serve drinks and food and conversation but sexual use is forbidden and corporal punishment is at the hands of the owners. Masters and Mistresses insulted, may embarrass, confine or display the slave, but may not strike in any way nor permit another to do so.
The mark of a pleasure slave...may generally be used by any whom desire her usage but may be reserved for the sole use of the owner. A pleasure slave is considered to be well trained, to please in all ways sexual, service wise, dancing, There are two types of Red Silk Slaves:
"Collared Red Silk"The slave is a pleasure slave, trained in serving, dance and sexual pleasures. The slave is reserved solely for the use of the Owner.
"True Red Silk"Same as above, could be collared or uncollared but the slave's sexual pleasures are allowed use by any Sometimes payment is made to the Owner for the use of the slave. If an uncollared slave claims "red silk", the slave should be prepared to be used as "red silk."
her use is rented and negotiated with others, and may include sexual favors at the owners discretion.

6. will Mistress be changing this ones name?
7. please Mistress may W/we sit down and discuss limits when You have the time?
8. will You have goals for this one Mistress?
9. is this one permitted to date Mistress? as long as given permission please? this one is not looking but if something comes up?
10. what should this ones journal contain Mistress?

there will be more later this one is sure Mistress...

love always,
Your girl

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