From Mistress's heart  

karma4you34 45F
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4/6/2006 12:26 pm
From Mistress's heart

You carried yourself well speaking yesterday morning to beth and jon. Thats why I did not interferre with it. I was not in anyway upset or dissapointed with in you. The blaming jon for everything as usuall is what was pissing me off, along with the lack of sleep i have been getting.
And for you failing anything i have not seen it besides your mouth overrides your ass some times LMFAO but, I love you. Ihave so many things on my mind and trying to get them past is getting more and more difficult everyday. When it comes to us you never come across ungrateful, but ungrateful with the situation you had a right to feel as if and I would not be unrespectful of that fact.

Baby you know i love you and I am going to tell you right now you are my girl and I will not tolerate anyone talking down to you or being disrectful towards you. If there is a problem i will deal with it. The way Beth acted towards the dishes just lit a fire under my ass. Noone will hurt you, because If your hurt then I am hurt.
What I say is how it is and she will have one more time to treat you so horribley and thats it.

Loosing me? you will never be so lucky so stop.
I am so proud of you! For so many reasons, for being the person you are, for making your life so much better, and the mother you have become. above all things continue to stay strong, have faith when all else fails, and dont ever stop loving me.

Loveing you always, Michelle

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