Dear Robert, i wrote this poem for You  

karma4you34 45F
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4/6/2006 12:35 pm
Dear Robert, i wrote this poem for You

Alone in my nights, i wonder when things will be right
i wonder when the stars fall will i get my one wish
i dream of You always, and that first kiss
that first kiss, that made my knees week
that first kiss that made me where i could not speak
i wonder when the tides come in will it bring Your love within
i wonder if my love is only to be a sin
to be my sin, that will only break me from within
how could my love feel so strong for You,
but yet it feels like i don't have something to persue
when i am in Your arms, just for a moment in time
my heart stops instantly, my emotions climb
climbing through eternity, and dreaming of what could be
but truely i know its just a dream between you and me
so now that i have all my emotions from deep inside
theres no where to run, nowhere to hide
my dream of smothering You with all my love
is only a dream from which i pray for up above


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