How I like to treat a woman.  

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2/13/2006 8:56 pm

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How I like to treat a woman.

There are types scenarios on ways to treat a woman. Some are excellent, some good and some are downright lousy. But this is the way I like to do it.

I like to create romantic atmosphere. Good music and low lights. I like to kiss the woman as I undress her slowly. One button at a time with her blouse. Then I unfasten her skirt,letting it fall to the floor with her blouse. I would ask her to lie on the bed on her stomach. I would then begin to massage her temples, slowly working around to the back of the neck. Then along the shoulders and down each arm to the hands and fingers. Next, I would undo her bra letting it fall away. Now massaging firmly her back down each side, being careful never to put any pressure on the backbone. We have now have now reached the buttocks. I ask her to lift her rear so I can slide her panties down. The buttocks receive a firm workout. Now I go down the outer thigh and calf, with a firm workout to the feet, and toes. I do the same to the other leg.

I now ask her to turn over. I start over with the head. I massage her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, chin, neck. I gently massage her breasts and her lower torso. I avoid the pubic area for now and move the front of her thighs and lower leg. I might add that while massaging the inner thigh, I will brush the pubic area gently, testing for wetness. (I'm tired by now. Not really.)

I now start all over with the head. I kiss her forehead, her eyes, the bridge of her nose and lips. She can respond as she wants. Then kiss her neck and then the breasts, nibbling the nipples as I go. Down her stomach to the pubic area. I again bypass the pubic area passing on to the thigh and lower legs, I begin to work my way back up the inner side of her legs to the inner thighs. I work the inner thighs well with kisses. Then I kiss the the lips and search for the clit with my tongue. I work the clit virgously until she has an orgasim, or two or three or more.

I have always believed that the more pleasure you give a woman, the more you will receive.

I'll let you guess what happens next and I don't think you'll need three guesses.

fastlanelady 68F

8/20/2010 6:26 am

beautiful,,, i could almost feel everything you talked about..

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