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kansas_sativa 36M
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3/26/2006 4:32 am
Blog numero uno

Hello there!
How ya all doing? Well this is my first blog on here. May be a case of they are few and far inbetween but then thats up to u gals out there. I wanna write about whatever sexual experiences I have in life and complie them all on here. Now dont worry ladies names will be ommitted so you'll never be found out. It's been a while since I last got any (bout 2 months! lol) so im looking for a LOT of fun. Ladies get in contact now. We always hear about the female attitude to sex. Well now its the mens turn. I'm fun, flirtasious, HIGHLY sexed and up for it! Willing to travel or can accomodate and can last for hours! lol. Sound like fun? then get in touch and lets have some fun! Then you can read how good you are afterwards as well! lol.
Hope to hear from ya soon. Send me ur e-mail or whatever and we'll start now. The clocks a ticking ladies......

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