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this was a request song i wrote for a friend..he told me what he wanted..and i wrote it..

Another day at work…and looks like a long one…typing up reports..etc..the usual drill…nothing eventful..but in this line of work you just never know…Getting deeper and deeper in thought…I feel a small rush of air..the sound of papers rustling..”I need your help”..groaning inward..i turn and notice Kim sitting on my desk..wearing an exasperated look on her face..damn she looks good..clearing my thoughts..i look up at her…”whats the matter now”..”him… he took off..cant find him..and I need yur help to look for him”..looking at the file..”looks like u picked the best one of the bunch to lose”…”oh shut up and lets go” a slight grin from her gorgeous mouth..damn I need to quit that…shaking even more thoughts from my head we head out…the air crisp and cool…slight breeze ..all felt good compared to the stuffiness of the office..and of course the company was the best part…I look forward to these time when we get to work together…always wondered…once again clearing my head.we gewt to the suspects house..looking at kim..smiling..she smiles back..that look..slowly…cautiously walking answer..noticing the door slightly ajar….we go in…me first then kim…I can feel her behind me..her smell ..feeling a stir below ..we search the house..nuthing…hearing sumthing from the kitchen we head that way…she covers my back..just wish..getting harder and harder to concentrate..gues I should have took the guys up on the offer last night ..might have found sumone to relieve this pressure..the door to the basement open…we decide to check it out..halfway down the stairs the door slams..and upon hearing it lock..i let lose a whole string of profanities..i get my flashlight as holding kims hand we go down..standing there looking at each other..i can a see slight traces of scared in her eyes…”don’t worry we’ll get out of this mess..going back up to the top of the stairs I try to bang the door down..sumthing anything..going back down..i call for backup..hoping it goes through..sighing..”looks like we might be stuck here for awhile…” she looks up at me..i feel my knees go weak..i want to touch her so bad… “sure does…but ya know..might not be so bad…” then I feel her hand touch my arm..a shiver rushes through me..and I look at her hand goes to her face…touching her cheek..her eyes close..and she sways closer to me “im going to kiss u kim..dont…stop me…” lowering my mouth to hers I can hear her whisper ..finally ….as my lips press against hers..her arms go around me..shudders rack my body as I feel my control begin to break..pushing her against the wall..i pull breath ragged and torn asi look at her..searching her face..hearing hre moans of pleasure as I touch her..she opens her eyes..hunger..”Do It..NOW!!” she gasps as I rip her shirt off..buttons flying..taking her mouth hard and hands ruffly roaming over her..cupping her perfect breasts…my shirt is torn off and my jeans yanked down..i graom as I feel her fingers grasping my hard throbbing cock..i grind into her…her moans loud…driving to a new height of insanity…my mouth moves over her neck..nipping..licking… moans vibrating against her skin…she sucks ina breath as I take a nipple into my mouth and rake my teeth over it..then flicking my tongue over the hard sensitive bud…over and over I move from one nipple to another..i feel her nails raking against my back..she grinds into me and my hand roughly removes her jeans..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hear as I rub her swollen clit…holding her hands above her head I grind my hard cock into her dripping pussy..”want that ?? hmm im going to fuck u baby…wrap your legs around my waist..” obediently she wraps her legs around and we both cry out together as I thrust up…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMM I scream out..she start bouncing up and down my cock as I thrust up and deep…capturing her mouth for a hard deep kiss…my tongue diving into hands cupping her ass as I move her up and down my shaft..feeling as iff im going to bust…I put her down..wanting to make this last…I turn her around and enter her from behind…slapping her ass as I thrustleaning over and nibbling..gently biting her neck..i feel her hands reaching behind and touching me..feeling how close she is..her loud passionate moans bringing me to my peak..i stop again and kneel before her…turning her around..putting one leg on my shoulder..rubbing her clit as my tongue flicks over her clit..ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH I hear her cry out..her wet juices running down my mouth as I fuck her sweet pussy with my tongue…diving in and out…licking…her fingers in my hair…pulling my face closer.she grinds wildly into my face..cupping her ass as I continue my assault on her drenched aching pussy I slide a hand down and finger her ass..YESSSSSSSSSS BABYYY PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEE I can hear her scream..sliding my finger in ..sooo tight..i feel like im going to burt right then..moving my finger in and out of her ass I keep working her clit..and slide a finger into her pussy..feeling the juices running down my hand..she grabs my head..and I hear her scream out…and convulse heavily against me…her juices running all over my hand..her ass squeezing my finger as her orgasm contracts…pulling me up she kisses my face..hungrily drinking her juices off me…her moans soft against my face…”that was its your turn” and she turns me so I am against the wall…kissing me deep and passionate..her tongue exploring my mouth as her hands rake over my body…an assault on my neck sends me intoa tailspin I try to move her to where I can be inside her..she pushed me backfeeling her mouth move lower is almost more than I can stand..her mouth traveling over me..her hot breath caressing my fingers in her hair…gently easing her lower…ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I let out as her tongue flicks over my nips..then raking over them with her teath..her hands on my ass squeezing..she kisses ragging hardon throbbing..aching for hand grsps it and begins to slowly stroke..squeezing lightly..up over the head…my head moves from side to side.then my eyes ope to watch this woman drive me insine with her mouth…kneeling before me I arch as I feel her tongue making long wet licks up and down my shaft..hungrily she drinks up the drops of precum as they drip out of the head….OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDD..i moan out as I feel her wet tight lips encircle the head and suck…my hips moving..grinding…”look at me baby..i want u to watch me suck u” her voice ringing in my ears I open my eyes..watching this beautiful woman ..her mouth slowly taking my cock in her mouth..MMMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS as I feeling go in deeper…her face buried into cock deep in her mouth..feeling her throat tighten around the head..the control draining out of she beging to move over my cock..her hands cupping my ass squeezing..then coming around and squeezing my balls…my hips begin to move watching my cock going in and out of this womans mouth is almost more than I can bare..feeling her hand working me her mouth licks and sucks my balls…then plunges back down my cock..i begin to thrust in and out holding her head as my cock moving in and out..faster..deeper.. her lips wrapped tightly..faster..deeper…AHHHHRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I convulse…shooting my hot cum down her throat…watching it drip down her chin as she hungrily devours each drop…she licks me clean..and stands…I take her in my arms and kiss her passionalty…hearing noises brings us to reality…passion had ripped my shirt and hers..we had to rummage around quick for something wear…we find two shirts packed in a box.. hurridly we get dressed and try to be presentable..drawing out guns we hide when the door opens..the guy we are looking for comes down the stairs…gun drawn…as he gets to the bottom we jump and cuff him with energy we didn’t know we had left… taking him upstairs and into the car..”I don’t think I will complain again about going on these “winking…she just smiles

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9/2/2006 7:04 am

You are a creative writer I enjoyed everyone of your stories I have wonderful images in my mind of these romps. I'm looking forward to the next one. Need some themes?

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9/18/2006 7:23 pm

Very good story. I wish I could help you to be what you want to be.

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