chapter 3  

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chapter 3

Kimiko smelled of fresh pencil shavings. Her hair was thick and glossy black, a tangle that I brushed and parted to reveal her sweet fruit. Mango, I thought. Honeydew. Cantaloupe. Room temperature and poised above my parched lips. Drop after drop dripped upon my supine face, running off my nose and down my cheeks, collecting on my chin, pooling at the junction of my neck and torso, but never upon my lips. Hot. The sweat of exertion, the heat of proximity, the condensation of my breath served only to stimulate the flow and heighten my thirst, and yet like Tantalus the quenching flood remained out of reach, the delicious fruit a forbidden feast. Ohh but for a tongue 12 inches long!

We struggled against the forces of nature, of magnetic fields, two similarly charged bodies in perpetual motion but never closer than a hair's breadth. The friction frustration fueled my fixation; I could imagine no more honorable pursuit than an eternity beating myself against the forces that kept us apart. She must feel the same way, must share this dream of destiny ...

Somewhere in Japan at Mistress Yukata's School for Incorrigible Nymphos, a conversation is taking place:

Kougyaru: Oh, it sounds so erotic!

Kimiko: Well, he just happened to be at hand, you know. And young, dumb, full of cum ...

Kougyaru: Well at least you didn't have to dress up like a panda and give out blowjobs in Shibuya Station. Talk about degradation -- some of those dicks hadn't had a good scrubbing in ages!

Kimiko: I know, I know. But I was actually looking forward to a few more risque encounters ... my father acted a bit precipitously as far as my desires were concerned ...

Kougyaru: What, are you kidding me?! I'd give anything to have been caught inflagrante delicto with some abashed young gun who popped a boner every time I passed gas. You know who clinched it for me? Patrolman Suzuki at the station police box -- and he wouldn't cooperate until I'd swallowed all the evidence. Yecch! Talk about a scumbag!

Kimiko: Well, whatever .... I mean, we made it, didn't we? With a diploma from MYSIN we'll be set for life.

Kougyaru: What's life without a little sacrifice.

Kimiko: Speaking of which, it's your night to put out the cat ...

Kougyaru: That's no sacrifice ... Purr, sluurp!

Kimiko: Ooh ... nn-gggg ....

Mistress Yukata: Sniff! It smells like pencil shavings in here. Get in your licks and then hit the sack -- tomorrow's the vibratro-borg, and you'll need all the energy you can muster.

K&K: Yes, Mistress Yukata!

Meanwhile, back in the bamboo forest ...

Then again, maybe she just wanted some dick. Regardless of the outcome, it was a good experience, wasn't it? Her pop getting all bizarre on me aside, man that was nice ... wait'll I tell the gang back at Dubya Secondary. "So there she was, fingering her ... erm, her 'twat' ... no, uhh, her 'pussy' ... eh, her 'v' -- you know, the v-word -- umm ... " Lemme see, uh (STROKE) "So there she was, rubbing herself DOWN THERE! And I sorta swaggered in (STROKE-STROKE) and said, 'Whyntcha try this in for size, baby!' and she swooned over my weenie (STROKE) and next thing you know she's begging me for it!" Naa, lemme rewind that ... (STROKE) "From the day I met her, she'd wanted me, man -- you could just tell ...


(STROKE) Unh! Oh, it was sooo tight! (STROKE-STROKE-STROKE) 'N warm! (STROKE-STROKE-SPLURP!) Ah! Ah! Tissuetissuetissue ...


No tissues. Socksocksock! No sock!


Eh? Who's there?!

You'll not be wasting that! Not as long as you're in this house!

It's the Vegetarian!

Do you know why I'm called the Vegetarian? Hmm?

Uh ... 'cause you respect all animal life and prefer to subsist on tubers and legumes?


You have a thing for molars? Mash-mash and all that? Damn those incisors! Look, I'm in the process of retiring mine ...


Ahh ...

Because I eat no meat. Nor meat by-products.

I see ... very simple ...

Rather more complicated than you can imagine at this point in time. For example, I'm wondering what you're going to do with that fistful of meat by-product?

Ohh ... this? Well, I thought I'd just wipe it ...

Waste not want not.

I ... but I ...

Let me introduce you to our friend the goya.

(She, who is about six feet tall, with wild, matted hair that reaches to her buttocks, unshaven legs and scratches running up and down her arms and bare torso, flips up the front of a rather weather-beaten loin cloth to reveal a magnificent specimen of Momordica charantia, also known as balsam pear or, in Japanese, bitter melon/goya -- a warty fruit that resembles a cucumber and appears frequently in Okinawan cuisine.)

Meat by-product makes a nice biodegradeable lubricant if applied in copious amounts and put to immediate use!

Say, you're not implying that ... ?

Time is of the essence!!!!!!!


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