chapter 1  

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chapter 1

Enchantment. I was this exchange student, she was the daughter of the host family. We were both 16, it was summer in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. School was out for summer vacation -- about six weeks from mid-July to late August, and the time was O-Bon -- the festival of the dead in the middle of August. Even in the mountains the temperature got pretty hot. In high summer we spent the days roaming the rice paddies with her little brother, chasing frogs dragonflies, or wandering the hills searching high and low for horned beetles.

Engrossment. Kimiko wasn't exceptionally beautiful. She wasn't even that feminine, really. What she was ... was tan, thin and a bit rough around the edges. She was bold. But in her navy blue sailor uniform and white socks, she was everything I had ever thought I wanted in a girl: black hair, black eyes, brown skin highlighted by the navy blue and maroon trim, her breasts adding dimension without dominating the image ... and those tanned feet -- barefoot on the tatami, dangling in the creek ... I would have given anything to be the flip-flop flapping against her sole. I used to think her arches were the perfect shape to fit the contours of my face. Cool. Slightly moist. Pink. From the joint of her right big toe, I worked my lips across her upper arch and then down along the sole while the toes on her left foot slowly stroked my engorged manhood ... my proud bamboo ... my American dog ... Anyway, her other foot was rubbing my crotch, and by now I had worked my way up to her ankle, so I kissed her there and then her Achilles tendon ... up the length of her shin to her kneecap and behind to resurface on her lower inner thigh ... at which point I would adjust her skirt to expose her panties and proceed with the restraint of Indiana Jones as he pauses before his latest discovery. I could smell all of her by now -- her feet, her knees, her "asoko" -- and her breath, which swept down from the hills in soulful sighs, her hands directing me to the land of molten honey ...

Embarassment. I was jerked out of my reverie by the fresh breeze wafting in from what until recently had been the door to the loo. A pause. Then reacquaintance with my friend the door. Trailing along the hallway behind her footfalls were the remnants of her laughter, warm and bright, as Dick Nixon wilted in my hand. Oh for the boldness of John Hancock!

I collected my thoughts. Wiped off the evidence. And tumbled out of the loo only to land on my face -- my legs had fallen sleep. I'm drenched in sweat, red with shame, and atwitch with agony as I hobble back to my room, where I'm trying to catch my breath and comb my hair when Kimiko returns to gloat ....

Where's your mother?

"Stop worrying and help me with your zipper!"

But your father -- isn't this his early day?

"Will you come on! It's jammed!"

I haven't even had a shower ...

"I want you drenched in sweat!" TUG! TUG! TEAR!

My jeans!

"EH!? I thought you Americans were supposed to be hung like horses."

Well, uh ...

"But that's interesting -- I'd never seen a circumsized guy before. Here, lay down." SLAM!

OOF! I ... AH! Gently, gently ...

"Unn ... unn ... ahhhh!"

YOW! It's like a vise ...

"You bet it is ... ahh ... ahhh ... ahhhhhh ..."

Gara-gara-gara. "Tadaima!"

Shit -- your dad!

"Ahhn ... ahhn ... ah-ah-ahhn ..."

"Kimiko?" Tak-tak-tak-tak. "Kimiko!"

"Ahnn ... nnn ... NNN ... NNNNNN ...!"

Shit! Geroff! Arrgh! Your gonna pinch it off!

"NNNN .... NNN .... N .... N ... N ..."

Gara-gara-gara. "What the?!"

"N ... N .... Ahhhhhhhh!"

"Why you sonovabitch! I'll kill you!"

Please, I ... ahhh -- PLOPSH! SQUIRT! Oops ... SQUIRT! Ah, I'm really sorry SQUIRT! about your shirt SQ-UIRT-RT! Oh fuck!

"Ahhhhh ... Oh, that was awesome!"

"I will kill you both. Count on it!"

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