Walking to Idaho  

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8/12/2005 8:00 pm

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Walking to Idaho

CVS Pharmacy had a deal on prescriptions if one transferred her or his Rx to their pharmacy. A CVS spawned merely a couple of major intersections away from my apartment. Why not switch? What is there to lose? So. I transferred.

I had the following conversation with myself verbatim, "You know what, Kagomemolly?" "No. What." "You know, the CVS spawned so close to your apartment, you could probably WALK there." "Probably." "Let's walk there." "Okay."


It took me *TWO* GODDAMNED ***HOURS*** to walk there. Ah, with great fondness do I recall the memories of when I last moved. A vibrant, fit, non-smoking lass every bit of 5 years old simply exploring her whole new world. Walking, biking, roller skating, hop-scotching, running, po-go sticking, jogging, skipping all the day long I would delve into my surroundings.

Sweetest cigarette. I was an innocent before I met you. Now I'm just a little better than wicked. I used to be a healthy woman. Well, healthy enough. I ate a little, I never slacked more than 7 times a week - TELEVISION! I never picked up a twinkie more than once a quarter cough an hour cough cough. Bad company has corrupted me. Be darned if I haven't forgotten what the inside of a gym looks like.

Smoking is my vocation. It's not a sin for a woman to labor her vocation.

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