Intangible war rant  

kagomemolly 36F
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9/4/2005 6:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Intangible war rant

I loathe the war on terror. I loathe the war on drugs. I loathe wars on whatever does not have physical boundaries. People can't measure these wars of ideas. Countries can't make treaties with the land of Terrorsia. Countries can't rehabilitate the government body of Terrorvania. Countries can't bomb the Terror States. They don't exist other than as IDEAS. What the bloody FUCK is the USA doing stirring up crap in the Sahara countries? NO GOOD!

...and I find it hard to fathom the USA asking help from the UN due to the Katrina disaster. Since when has the USA ever asked for help? Not when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were bombed. Which reminds me of an old 9/11 joke. Since the Pentagon now has four walls, will they call it the Square? (a dated joke, I know)

...but I digress even more. I live in the Kansas City area. The price of gas is around $3/gallon. On NPR, they reported on how gas prices in California were jacked by some crooked fuel stations. California receives virtually nil gas from the Gulf region. I wonder how much gas we receove from the gulf region. humph. Wanna place bets as to when it'll be $5/gallon? It makes me retch.

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