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kaffryn 45F
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11/6/2005 5:09 am

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9/21/2006 10:02 am

run the gauntlet

well, I have now hit a stage where all the messages I get are the same - all the chats are the same and I am not inspired to meet anyone. There seems to be no one willing or able to try to be different, spontaneous or even entertaining.

I need to have my mind stimulated before I can involve my body and no one is coming even close. Where are the witty men, the men who can dazzle me with their intellect and don't need to ask me what I'm looking for - that's what I'm looking for, a challenge, a contest of intellects that is so passionate that our bodies can't help but follow.

rm_Extrasex68 49M
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12/5/2005 8:22 am

I understand what you are saying, although my inbox is usually empty! I came to this site two years ago and I have met a few very 'engaging' people, which is why I came here in the first place. It wasn't just for sex, althought that was part of my need, I needed the right combination of spark, passion and desire to really satisfy me completely. Fortunately I was lucky on a couple of occasions but then I was VERY specific about myself and what I was seeking in my profile. I had little response but generally the response was right on track. I think it took a confident woman who was sure about her needs to respond to my profile but that was exactly how I intended it to be.

Unfortunately, being a woman, you have to suffer those men who can't deselect themselves based on your profile. They see your pictures, and I must admit myself, to falling in lust with your boots, and they feel compelled to make contact. It is a shame though that they are unwilling or incapable of shaping a meaningful sentence and they hope their meager efforts will somehow win you over and cause you to shed your clothes at the first opportunity.

I cannot view your profile and see your other photographs since I allowed my gold membership to lapse so all I know of you is what you write in the Active group and your Blog. I did not renew because I too had lost interest in the whole site. I can't initiate contact as a standard member so there's nothing much to do here except for posting on the group I set up about a year ago. Through a bug in the AdultFriendFinder system I lost my moderator position when I changed the group settings one day so now I don't even have that. The postings to the group became one liner contributions from the men or subjects that had already been covered before so the interest in the group waned too. There seems to be so many people who are unwilling to put in much effort but then maybe that is why they have ended up on here in the first place! True there are some but the effort made in finding them over time appears to overwhelm the rewards from your time here so I believe how you feel now it is a natural phase that those who are more effort inclined will go through eventually on sites like this.

Men will become fed up with the lack of response but will feel they are putting in a great amount of effort in their many three line messages and the women get disillusioned with the frequency of this type of response.

It's a bugger.

I guess you'd be better to seek out the profiles of guys who interested you and make the first contact. If they can't make the effort to sell themselves well in their profiles then you can expect a similar amount of effort from them elsewhere. I think being proactive in searching is more likely to turn up a better result than hoping the right message will drop into your inbox.

Where did you get those boots from? ;o)

kaffryn 45F

12/15/2005 9:51 am

I have let my membership lapse too - or would have emailed to thank you for your message. The boots are from the internet and are part of my vast collection !!

still getting the same old messages and only come on here for the group now. Feels a little sad sometimes but have lost interest and there's no excitement.

d_rat69mmm 50M
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1/7/2006 8:15 am

well that's cos my intellect is being sadly wasted and addling over here in staffordshire. hence any excitement i could provide is also over here too. oh and yes the message in the weren't being one tracked lol

willyoushowme2 52M
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1/18/2006 3:17 pm

Hell - I thought I was deep
there are plenty of highly intelligent (and single) men men out there who are basically looking for a play mate and a bit of fun... me being one of them.
I guess that the idea of being curious enough to enter into this kind of thing makes you more adventurous than most in the first place, however, until you click with the right one you won't go on to the deeply satisfied intellectually bit.
Please feel free to contact me for a chat if you want to.

kaffryn 45F

1/20/2006 3:01 pm

I'm a standard member so cant contact anyone !! - thats the point !!

hungryhound66 50M
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2/15/2006 4:12 pm

Hi Kaffryn, I am a total newbie to this site and thought I would 'just peruse' and join in where appropriate! I am not going to ask you the run of the mill questions here as I don't want to upset you. I would however like to ask you what gives you that little electric spark of excitement in a man - Is it a debate on the now totally unacceptable behaviour of Smoking in public, the politics of our wonderful UK or the opportunity to express yourself both verbally and non-verbally using your whole being!I am a big fella with big heart and soul,often too sensible for my own good. I sometimes think men whose brains are between their legs can't see further than the end of their member - ohh well good luck in your quest for a man who can woo you with wittycism and interlect - Remember if he doesn't find Chubby Brown offensive then he is obviously not the man for you

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