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kaffryn 45F
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4/18/2006 1:20 pm

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3/5/2007 9:26 am

back again

well, it has been a while since I put anything on my blog. I had my profile switched off for a long time too.

I met someone and although I tried not to get too involved it just spiralled and I fell. Unfortunately things didn't work out and I was hurt badly.

Last year was tumultuous - getting on the internet - progressing from chatting to meeting and then beyond - and coming full circle to not meeting people.

I have made one or two decent friends through the internet and quite a few acquaintances but nothing has come close to the kind of friends you make in the 'real' world.

I suppose these things serve their purpose and fill the need that we sometimes have to communicate when there is no one else to listen.

long_haired_bi_M 38M
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4/28/2006 6:40 pm

Ok, here we go. How do i provoke a debate without knowing your areas of interest? More importantley knowing what you consider thaught provoking or contraversial.

Lets start with internet dating:

A real posibility for a relationsip or just good for sex?

Can anyone ever just go with friendship and sex or does human nature take over and make everthing into a relationship in the end?

Why do i like knee high boots so much?

Why do so many people 2-3 years either side of 30 break up

why the bloody hell do we pay so much for diesel. my local garage said 1.5/l by sept - not impressed

why do people who get aggressive when drunk keep drinking

does comunisim exist other than in name any more if it ever did at all - china the last strong hold looks more like a capatalist market that many capatilist states!

ok i have tried,

give us a clue,

what areas of life interest you?

love to hear from you

ps i realy do love those boots



kaffryn 45F

4/30/2006 2:41 am

Hi Greg, I can see what you tried to do - but the only problem is I think you posted this on the wrong thread of my blog. This one is about NOT meeting people. I do have a post about when I wanted people to stimulate me - but that was a while ago.

In answer to some of your questions - the main thing that stimulates me is humour - I always seem so serious on here but I love to laugh.

I aren't dating at the moment, internet or 'real world' and don't intend to until I feel ready to do so.

People hit 30 and start to reasess the changes they feel they want and need in their lives - hence the break ups - we are away from our youthful adventures and hitting true maturity ( or should be).

We pay for fuel as we need transport and we are prisoners of the British governments tax hikes.
( buy petrol on holiday abroad and spend an hour going on about how much it is at home)

People look to hide their problems/ personality weaknesses in many ways - drink is just another.

The issue of communism is far too long and complex to address in a brief post - so I won't.

The areas of life that interest me are - laughter, my friends, music, dancing, clothes, shopping, meditation, my career, my personal development. I am being selfish at the moment and trying to find what makes me happy.

My journey at the moment doesn't include anyone else.

Most men like boots as they suggest domination and sexuality and power - I don't know if that is why you like them.

well, hope that answered some of your questions !!!

long_haired_bi_M 38M
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5/15/2006 6:20 pm

hey kaff,

I am not sure if i made the mistake or AdultFriendFinder here but ther you go. Thankyou for your reply! i take many of the points you state however i was just trying to start a conversation. While i would not say no to meeting you i was not nesaserrily trying to chat you up. I am as interested in making new friends as most of mine have moved on in life as people tend to do.

As for why i like the boots i dont rightly know, its deffinatley not domination as i wont be dominated sexualy and have no wish to dominate people in that capacity. I just find them sexy both to look to and wear. I would love to chat some time if ever you feel like it just say hello. if not will se you on the posts at some point i am sure

for now have a good search, find what you are looking for and try to have some fun on the way.

bye xx

pleasuregiv812 35M

11/14/2006 7:49 am

welcome back hun hope you have lots of fun too cheer u up ! xxxxx

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