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Why do people tell single men/women that are searching for a bf/gf to "just wait, the right one will be around the corner before you even know it"?

As a divorced woman I know from experience that I can be happy in a relationship even though things don't end up the way you would like it. Thats okay. Growing up I don't believe I went without a boyfriend though. This time between the divorce and the two boyfriends that I've had I have looked for someone to be with. I don't know if it is out of boredom or a sense of needing someone to complete me. Does the human race really need to pair off for completion?I know I enjoy making new friends and I know that this site and others allow me to make them where I wouldn't have been able to without the computer. But is my anxiety hindering me from actually making the right choice about who I want to be with or am I settling cause they are the first one to ask?

By that last question you can kind of know the answer to it if you read my profile. I am very stict on what I want in a man. I want a man to have manners, be cultured, adventurous, fun, be able to be laid back, enjoy the kinks I enjoy, and know how to make me smile. I also demand a man to be REAL. If you contact me, act like you would in real life. Don't hide behind your profile. Be real. Say things you would say to someone you would if you met them in a supermarket. I'm a person that has feelings and you are a person that should care about them. If you are vulgar enough to walk up to a stranger and say "Come suck me cock bitch" or "Nice tits" I know I don't want to meet you and I will never respond to you. So treat me like a real person and I will treat you like one too.

But like the title goes, patience.......I have always had trouble with it. Patience. I don't have my way and I have to submit. So, I am calling to you oh man of my dreams.....come to me.

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Well, time to go I'll work more on your blogs tomorrow.

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