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3/13/2006 10:04 pm
Long time no posts

Well everyone spoke of Katrina. I must say that I wanted to skip that. Being an "evacuee" and having to relocate hasn't been peaches and cream. Laughing and loving the ambience of what we call the southern traditions didn't get wiped away....they are still staying firm through us...the people. We love the culture that is New Orleans.

I miss it. Moving closer to what use to be my home hasn't been easy either. Easy? Yes. Lonely? Yes. Am I still strong willed and stand for what I believe in? Yes. At least I know I don't faulter on those subjects anymore that hold dear to me. If you are questioning what I am talking about...in previous posts I talked about men questioning me about why I am on this site since it is a sex site. My answer is that I love sex but I am looking for someone I connect with. I don't have to open my legs on a "first meet" to feel good about myself....actually I feel better about myself having more self control when my legs are closed on a first meet. Also I still don't like men that say "discreet" or "no strings attached"....it is like you want your cake and eat it too. All fine and dandy if the woman was playing you, too.

So I am still wild as a cougar. I am still into bdsm. I still like my romance. I still am into culture and all things else.

And, I am happy.

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