Home sweet, home.  

kacky0850 40F   
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6/30/2005 5:43 pm

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4/27/2006 9:46 am

Home sweet, home.

After living in a hotel for over 3 weeks, I have found a house to move in to. Slidell, here I come or here I am? I am here...wanted to post this before I moved but glad I could post this now. It has been absolutely hectic moving and unpacking. I have been looking for someone to go out with and just have fun with. I can't find anyone. I might be lonely because I don't know anyone around here. Where I came from, I could call up some of my old friends and go out....here, nothing....I don't even know where the clubs or bars are.

So if you want to take out a girl that is starting to get homesick, look me up.

rm_mr_will73 44M/44F
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10/12/2005 7:42 am

hopefully by now you have met some people (decent People), if not I will be home tomorrow to clean up. If you need a place to relax or have a good drink or two, even if its just for an hour or so just drop me a line because I know Katrina was a BITCH in our area!!!


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