Whoever said women were more mature than men was a fool and severly mistaken  

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1/29/2006 7:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Whoever said women were more mature than men was a fool and severly mistaken

That's right I said it! Not a very smart way to start a blog, especially if I'm trying to hook up with a few girls on this, BUT the reason I say this is because girls need to be more straight up to guys and not beat around the bush, they need to be real. They don't need to beat around the bush and play so many games when u know they really like u, and u like them, but still u have to pass a certain number of tests and activities for them to be completely open with u...for me, this is not the way. For some it is, but not me. I wanna know if ur real or not from the begining, and for that to happen, make me laugh, make me cry, make me sad, make me sigh, do ur thing basically. If u wanna bang me at first sight, tell me; if u wanna take me home and introduce me to mamma, ur friend, etc, tell me; Dont beat around the bush ladiez, cause that aint being straight up, hence immature...I'm not saying that I am mature, but a true believer that in many cases, women are not more mature than men...just wanted to get that off my chest, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks KZ x


1/29/2006 12:54 pm

Well dear, then I think you are sadly mistaken. females are timid when it comes to men because they are afraid if they are to straight forward with all of their thoughts, the man will leave and that will leave the woman alone once again. Creating security first is a great habit. I was with my b-friend for nearly a year before I could open up and tell him what I wanted to do to him although I wasn't shy when I told him I wanted him on the first date. You just don't know how a person is going to react so you take cautions. I think it is very wise of you to speak your mind though because if a woman wants to meet you now she knows she has to be openly honest. By that you will get what you want hopefully. You just went about it wrong saying ALL women cause some...like me...are straight forward.

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