My First Two Dicks  

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2/6/2006 5:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My First Two Dicks

No, they weren't at the same time, though that would have been awesome. My first time was when I got back to my college from winter break. I agreed to meet someone I met on this site, but I was really nervous and almost freaked out and turned around. I pulled my car over onto a deserted side street and played with myself until I got horny enough to forget my inhibitions; I basically said to myself, "Fuck it, I absolutely NEED to go suck some cock." I was pretty nervous, but it turns out that cock actually tastes pretty good! After I sucked off this guy for a bit, he fucked me pretty good; he didn't last too long, but it was very good... My second time wasn't as successful; I didn't even get fucked! This was just yesterday; I met another guy and gave him a blowjob. His dick tasted good, but I would have liked to feel it up my butt.

For those who haven't read my profile, you should know that the only activities I'm interested in are sucking dick and getting ass-fucked. I would really like to try taking on two or more dicks at once. Send me an email if you'd like to set something up, or if you would like a quick blowjob or someone to fuck.

Next time I suck someone off, I wish they would talk dirty, instead of just being silent. I want to be called things like slut, cocksucker, etc. I often fantasize about this high school bully; I was straight back then, but he always called me cocksucker, and a couple of times he tried to grope me. If I'd known how much I love cock, I would have let him have his way with me. I fantasize all the time about being his bitch: sucking him off in a secluded, semi-public place around the lockers or in the bathroom, or hiding in the bushes during lunch while he pumps my butt. Oh well, can't have that. But I want someone to treat me like he did; call me a cocksucker, hold my head with their hands so I have no control and can't get my face away from their dick until they're satisfied. Mmmmm...

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