how to turn me off/on with mail  

justmevfc 41F
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9/18/2005 5:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

how to turn me off/on with mail

ok, the mail just keeps coming (thanks to all for their is flattering), but some people still just don't get it!! There are definite things that people say/do that are a turn off/turn on in my opinion (when I say people, I mean men/women/couples).

This is obviously not an all inclusive list, but I only have so much time...

Turn offs:
1) You are beautiful, let's meet (ok, the only pic I have on my profile is a body shot, mainly do you know I am beautiful?)
2) I love to eat pussy (I mean cmon, does this work for anyone??)
3) I am a good looking (insert here, your choice-male/female/couple)....but the only pics I send are of my private parts....(if you are so hot, show me the money!!)
4) People that try to convince me what I am missing!!! (enough said right there)
5) Hit me up...let's get together (you obviously did not read my profile since I am not currently looking to meet)
6) no comments, just the cock shot (ok, I have never ever in my life agreed to go out with a man because of his cock!!! I mean, they are actually a bit ugly in my opinion, but definitely fun...I still don't want to see them)

Turn ons:
1) Your profile is interesting, why aren't you meeting, let me know if you change your mind (ok, this shows you read what I wrote!!! bonus points)
2) Nice body, is there more? (honesty!! amen!! hey I show that pic because I think it looks ok, if you agree go ahead and say it!!)
3) If you decide to start meeting people, would love to make the list (again...a literate being!!!)
4) A nice face pic with a great smile or even a clothed or g rated body shot (this is just respectful and nice....nothing more needs to be said)

OK, obviously it is easier to find the turn offs than the turn of several reasons I am not looking to meet at the moment....LOL

Also just gave people a cheat sheet to what works for me personally....

Would love to hear from people about what works/doesn't work for them!! Feel free to add....

rm_cableguy9352 50M
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9/20/2005 7:34 am

Finally, someone that is honest enough to say what everyone else is thinking, but is to afraid they won't a hook-up if they do. Also, loved the " I love to eat pussy " turn off. First of all, who doesn't? Secondly, why do you insist on telling every woman to whom you reply? So thanks for the honesty and the laugh, Justmevfc! Can't wait to read the next posting.

justmevfc 41F
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9/20/2005 12:32 pm

Twisted**not meeting because I am incredibly busy at the moment and because I really don't know what I want (hint about upcoming blog)
Cableguy**thanks! I have to agree.....who doesn't? (myself only know how to be honest......and I try to at least make it entertaining if not educational lol

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