What I am looking for......or not  

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9/21/2005 2:47 pm

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What I am looking for......or not

I can bet that everyone that is on this site has been asked the question "what are you looking for" at least once, I know I have...and to be honest, I never really know how to answer....so I started thinking about it and decided that maybe the best way to consider what I AM looking for is to look at what I am NOT looking for...so here goes:

1) A married man.
~I don't want someone else's leftovers!! And to be honest I am very needy, I hate the thought of being 2nd (3rd if kids are involved) on someone's list....
2) A guy that feels the need to send cock shots.
~See previous posts, but I feel the need to bring this up at every opportunity because I must stress how much I dislike this!!!
3) A younger man.
~Although many have tried to convince me...sorry gents, but truth is I just have never had luck with younger men (this goes back to my teenage years). The attributes that I possess are rarely appreciated by younger men, and therefore I don't want to waste your time or mine.
~Not a fan of the one night stand....sex is more enjoyable when you know someone and enjoy being with them (this doesn't mean you have to be in love!!).
5) Fly bys
~The travelling salesmen. No, I am really not interested in meeting you at your hotel while you are in town...see number 4 if you are confused.
6) Distance affairs (includes long and not so long)
~My free time is very limited....I don't want to waste it travelling by car, plane, or bus to see you. I do realize that 30 miles is not on the other side of the world, but in Pittsburgh, that can easily be an hour and half drive...that's 3 less hours we get together
7) Cam sex/cyber sex/phone sex
~I find it near impossible to get off by watching a bad, disjointed on screen video of you getting off, or by reading, fondling myself, and, attempting to type at the same time, and lastly...phones don't hit the g-spot
Rude, crude, or lude
~If you feel the need to write and tell me how much you want to F*** me just by looking at my pic, please just keep that one to yourself. Dirty talk is hot in bed when you are with someone you enjoy, but not in random email to a complete stranger. If you wouldn't write it to your mother, sister, or grandma, why do you think I want to hear it (oh, let me guess, because this is a sex site).

OK, that is the gist of it for now...let me end by saying, yes....I totally realize that this is a sex site, but that does not mean that the women, men, or couples on here are sex crazed prostitutes!!! Many people are looking for friendship AND sex (omg...maybe that is where the name came from...LO, if you aren't one of those people, keep up your search, cause I am not biting!

rm_DoloresH 32F
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9/21/2005 3:16 pm

Excellent post! I have a lot of the same things I am not looking for. Except in my case, I'm not looking for an older man.

Don't you just love it when you respond to an email and tell them why you are saying no, and they respond "well..if you change your mind."

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