What a player!  

justmereally37 49F
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9/18/2005 10:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What a player!

I am such a terrible blogger! Here it is - my big chance to share all the details of my sex life and i can't seem to keep up!

OK, so i went out again last night with some of my new friends. I had a ton of fun!(Happy Birthday Girlfriend!) But I am so f'n tired today... We closed a bar in OldTown and then went to one of the girls place to keep partying. I lasted till 4am and had to call it a night. But then when my date brought me home we had to make out in the car like teenagers - LOL! When it was obvoius we were going to need more room than the front seat allowed i relented and invited him in. I had to sneak him in so the kids wouldn't know I had company So after playing for a while and sleeping for a while and playing for a while again, I snuck him back out before anyone else got up.

So why all the sneaking? My oldest kid says I'm a player. I got a husband, a boyfriend, and a new lover. Hey - a girl just wants to have fun, right? I got a man to watch the kids, a man to watch tv with and a man to go dancing with. Friends fill different needs in our lives - what is wrong with a couple of those friendships including sex? I guess the playing part comes in when the husband doesn't know about the other two and the boyfriend knows about the husband but not the lover and what has the lover figured out?....

What a soap opera!

bri_tish 60M

9/18/2005 10:03 pm

Well if he's any good as a lover he will have read this by about Friday, at the latest, and probably ealier! LOL Sorry I didn't make Bfdy party, went to jdonner's chat room party instead. Sounds like you all had agreat time.

GetAllSweaty36 48M

9/19/2005 12:38 pm

Well sounds like you could be a player with me.. Maybe you can look me up..

rm_ksencino 45M

9/21/2005 8:40 pm

Sounds like a lucky gut to me....

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