Once upon a time, in a land far away...  

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9/20/2005 9:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Once upon a time, in a land far away...

Ok, it's late and i should be in bed but for some silly reason i am sitting here fiddling with the computer. My window to the world...

I love to read and i used to read a lot. Now i have internet and i just don't have the time lol! I like to read exciting suspensful books -spy stuff, legal and medical thrillers, and mysteries, but not horror - ok, i do like stephen king and Dean R Koontz - but not mindless terror. I have a thing for fantasy books too. Dragons and Magic and far away places... And then there is erotica! I have read some good stuff there I read a bunch of it for a while and i got a little critical "no one would ever really say that! Now if his this is there and his that is here, how come he doesn't just fall over?" Some writers are so intent on making it a sex story they loose the sense of reality. For me - the excitment is not just in the fucking but in the people and what they look like and how they feel and what they are thinking.

So, i tried my hand at writing I wrote several short stories and even joined an internet group devoted to erotica writers. I submitted some stuff and got some pretty critical responses I thought it was good and i'm telling you - my then internet friend/lover thought they were very good! But then i said "whatever" and deleted them off my computer.

Maybe someday, i will write them again...

rm_ksencino 45M

9/21/2005 8:46 pm

Give it a shot again and don't delete them because someone else didn't like it. Your writings may be someone's pleasure. Remeber, stimulate the mind: the body will follow. Best wishes.

hardkscock 43M

9/27/2005 11:41 am

I agree...you should try them again, you never know how many of us will become totally turned on by reading them...You might just start a mini-cumfest of sorts.

GetAllSweaty36 48M

9/29/2005 4:03 am

Ya write some more i would like to read them... Would you like to check me out and write something after me?

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