the things people will do.....  

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10/14/2005 7:13 am

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the things people will do.....

OK so I was surfin the web last night lookin for picture of a privy to go with my little story when i came across one I the silliest things I've ever heard of..... THE WORLD OUTHOUSE CLASSIC.
Yes folks in Trenary Michigan they held the World Outhouse Classic ..outhouse races.
Yes races, it seems you build an outhouse put it on skis and push it down the street. Prizes for best time, presentation,humour,use of theme,workmanship, and of course the peoples choice.
What I found was the 2001 Classic. What I want to know is this still a yearly event. It sounds like fun. Hell I can build an outhouse. I just couldn't take it across the border. I'd need a license to import softwood lumber, not to mention the fact that I be importing a completed structure. Surely I be stealing jobs from someone. I'm not sure there may even be a weird law about transporting an outhouse during hours of use??
I'm loosin it, any way, check it out.

Till next time may your tp be soft.

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