how to know a woman wants to make love...  

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10/5/2005 9:14 am

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how to know a woman wants to make love...

Ok here goes this is tried & true from years of experience
1. She doesn't roll away from you in bed if you touch her shoulder.
2. She doesn't say no when you kiss her on the cheek.
3. She doesn't slap your face when you massage her buttocks.
4. She doesn't wear 3 pair of flannel Pjs to bed.
5. She doesn't turn on a soap opera when you walk in the room. This also applies to O.W.& Dr. Pill. ( They are the 2 worse cuss words I know.)
6. She doesn't place the asprin bottle on the headboard.
7. She doesn't jab you in the gut for "accidentally" brushing your hand across her nipples. And we all know it was an accident don't we guys!
8. She doesn't run through the house screaming NOOOOO when you get a stiffy.
9. She doesn't eat a pot of beans 4 hours before she plans to meet you.
10. She doesn't hang your boxfull of condoms to the headboard with a powernailer.

Just my little bit of insight. Feel free to add your own and remember to learn from your experiences.

artmcnab 57M

10/5/2005 10:07 am

I enjoy your sense of humor, and if I may, I'll add a couple...
Foreplay is NOT four hours of pleading
Kiss my ass is followed by pleaasse
The bedroom door gets loacked AFTER you come in
Your kids don't refer to the master bedroom as " Mommies room" and the den as " Daddies room"
A great marriage is like a good barber...keep it for life...Ciao

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