Circumcision yes or no?  

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8/17/2006 6:29 pm

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8/18/2006 3:23 pm

Circumcision yes or no?

I was wondering if the majority of the men here are circumcised or not. I know it is common in the US but not really in the world.

I was also wondering what they do with all the foreskin they cut off all the millions of boys born in the US? lol

Women do you prefer being with men who are circumcised or not?

Just a curious mind at work.

ok after i posted this I decided to do a little bit of looking around at the pics under google search. This one was an old ebay ad.. what will they think of next??????

SenSlip ‒ The ‘Artificial Retractable Foreskin’ to increase sensitivity in your penis. If you are circumcised and are lacking the protection and sensation that a normal intact foreskin provides then try the SenSlip undergarment.


Lacking in sensitivity ? The SenSlip undergarment from XXXXX is the worlds first Artificial Foreskin designed to increase the sensitivity of the penile glans and protect it from the day to day chaffing of underwear. Worn on a daily basis, The SenSlip protects and de-keratinises the glans or head of the penis and works in a similar way to a normal intact foreskin.

To see the SenSlip being worn on a circumcised penis and to find out more about this product visit the SenSlip website.

“The overwhelming majority of men worldwide are proud to have a normal and intact foreskin and would never part with it.”

The SenSlip is constructed from the finest grade of pre-vulcanised latex and fine viscose rayon fibres… is available in ten different sizes. To start with try our “Trial Size Pack” of three different sizes closest to yours. Visit our website to find out more or order here and now on Ebay.

The “Trial Size Pack” cosists of three different sizes of SenSlip for you to try. When you order the “Trial Size Pack” you will automatically be credited with two extra free SenSlip undergarments with your next order. When you order with Ebay we will automatically email you with instructions on how to get the correct size for the most comfortable fit. It is that easy, just order the Trial Size Pack and leave the rest to us.

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1/17/2011 3:53 am

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