Why mixed race women are so beautiful  

justgettinsum 41M/38F
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5/20/2006 6:18 pm
Why mixed race women are so beautiful

Coming from a black man not from mn, i believe mixed women are the best of both worlds no matter what worlds they're from they have qualitys that appeal to my intelect as well as my sexual desires for example , pretty white girl with a black girls body/black woman who loves head andgoes out her way to please her man. you never have both until i moved to mpls. I've always been attracted to bookworm nerdie women and they always seem to be mixed, moma like coffee or daddy coudn't go back they come from prevliged familys graduated college and are the freakiest women i ever been with maybe that shy girl thing works on me or maybe i grew up in the ghetto where most black women focus on different things than other women do in todays society. i just want to thank all the mixed couples who brought beautiful red boned women into the world.we got a mall full of alicia keys in minnesota and that alone makes dealing with the ignorance of the [mn nice] bearable.

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