The night I will never forget even after 20 years.  

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3/22/2006 9:28 am
The night I will never forget even after 20 years.

I was 20 years old and was stationed at Fort Devens M.A. in the 10th sfg A 1st sf, I had gone home for xmass break and was headed back to base.

I was on my way back to my duty station (I was in the military at the time) after visiting my family for a couple of weeks. I was sitting next to a pleasant young lady who was also in the military. I got on the bus I guess around 6 that evening and was looking at a 48 hour bus ride ahead of me. When I sat down we exchanged polite greetings and that is all we ever said to each other on the trip.
Some time late in the night everyone was asleep on the bus and I was just sitting back with my eyes closed when I felt her hand slide onto mine. To be honest with you I was at a lost, my first thought was that she was asleep and her hand simply slipped off her lap and fell on mine. In a few seconds that thought was wiped from my mind when she lightly took my hand and slid it up onto her thigh. Still nervous and not sure were this was going I lightly ran my hand up and down the top of her leg. As I slid my hand up her leg I heard a slight sigh come from this mystery woman and she spread her legs apart just a little more. Being a young man my first instinct was to get my hand immediately onto her womanhood and feel its softness within my hands. It took a lot restraint not to do that but I realized this young lady was living out her fantasy and this fantasy was hers and not mine, I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I took my time and with just the tips of my fingers I continued to caress her leg each time moving it up closer and closer to her pleasure spot. Finally after what seamed like an eternity my fingers brushed against her sweet spot. Now understand she still had slacks on but I swear I could feel her woman hood swell instantly as my fingers glided over her.

My mystery woman had her military issued trench coat with her using it for a pillow, she took this and laid it out over both of our laps, as soon as she did this her hand went to my hard manhood. She defiantly was not shy and she new what she wanted, unlike me being slow she immediately unzip my pants and reach right in and took control. My god I thought I would explode on the spot. Don’t get me wrong this was by know means my first time but the whole way this was happening was just exotic and thrilling. Well least to say I took her lead and undid her slacks and before I knew it she had reach over and pulled her slack down. Her hand went right back to stroking me and my hand finally found that wonderful spot I had been waiting for. She was totally smooth and so soft. I took one finger and slowly slid it up and down along her slit just barely inside of her. This lovely young lady was so moist and I could literally feel the heat rising up from her. Every time my finger would rise to the top of her slit I would hear a little gasp as it came into contact with her hard sensitive clit. After a while of pleasing each other with our hands she sat up and looked around. I guess she decided it was all clear and everyone was sleeping because the next thing I know she is under the trench coat and taking every inch of me deep in her mouth. Like I said before I had been with plenty of woman before but this was the first time a woman had taken every ounce of me into her mouth. She felt so good, I could feel my manhood slide down her throat and not only would her mouth tighten around me but I would feel her throat restrict around me. As she continued this for along time my hand slid up from her moist spot and I slowly undid her blouse and bra. Her nipples were standing out hard and strong, I am definitely a breast man I love them large and small both. Her breasts were firm and I was probably a little rougher on them then I should be but I was starting to lose control. As much as I love the feel of her mouth upon me I had to pull her up because I did not want this moment to end. As she sat up my mouth went right to town on her lovely breast. I was enjoying her breast when I felt her pull the trench coat up covering my head and her breast she reach down and held my head still with her nipple still in between my lips and a few seconds later I heard some one walk by going down the isle. The moment I heard the door to the bathroom shut at the back of the bus she let up on my head and I continued to enjoy her young firm breast. I wanted to get my mouth down and taste her moist womanhood but I new this night intruder would be coming back by soon so I kept my mouth on her breast playing with one and then the other. I let my tongue lightly play with her hard nipples and then I would give her light bites along the under side of her breast. While my mouth enjoyed every inch of her breast my hand had gone down to her womanhood and was stroking up and down her slit stopping every few strokes to run circles lightly over and around her clit. Her breathing was getting a bit louder and I was starting to wonder if some one would wake up and hear us but at the same time I really did not care if the did. The one thing that was running through my mind was when was this intruder going to get out of the bathroom so I could taste this lovely lady. I finally decided I had to taste her so I started running my fingers deeper and deeper into her moist pussy, with every thrust in she would get wetter and wetter. Every now and then I would bring my fingers up to my mouth and taste her sweetness, as I was doing this one time she caught my hand before I could get it to my mouth and sucked her own juices from my fingers. This just turned me on even more but before I could do anything else I felt her hold my head tight against her chest under the trench coat and I new then that this intruder was finally heading back to his or her seat at the front of the bus. The foot steps could not have been more then a second pass our seats when I felt her pushed me down onto the floor and felt her leg go around the back of my head. I needed no other prodding and I immediately went to town on her hot moist womanhood with my tongue and mouth. I don’t know if it was the excitement of the time, the thought of getting caught or a combination of a lot of different things but this young woman’s pussy felt, smelled and tasted better then any ones I had ever had before. I would run my tongue along her slit, play with her clit then push my tongue as deep into her as I could, I literally felt as if I could not get enough of her. I finally settled my mouth upon her clit licking and sucking on it lightly as my fingers pushed deeper and deeper into her. After a while I turned my hand over so as I would push into her my fingers were bent upward and would play with her g spot. There were times that I thought she was going to suffocate me because her leg would pull my head into her so tight but the only thing I could think of is there could be no better way to die then here with her taste and smell upon me. After what seemed like way to short of a time she pulled my up and looked deep into my eyes with a wanting that was only matched by mine. I looked into those blue eyes for a bit then just shook my head no because I had no protection at all. It was as if she could read my mind because she reached into her trench coat and pulled a condom out and put it on me. I then really realized this young lady had thought this through and new one way or another she was going to live out her fantasy on this bus ride. The moment she had the condom on me she pushed my hard manhood into her pussy, I really thought I was going to cum right there because she was so hot and felt so good. It was tight between the seats so I could not push in and out very good but I was happy. After a few min. she pushed me back and buttoned a couple of spot on her blouse, my first thought was no, don’t remove those breast from my eye sight then the second thought was noooo she can’t be done yet. She just kind of smiled and pushed me into the seat and the next thing I know she had placed herself sitting upon my manhood facing away from me with the trench coat over our lap. Now I understood, if some one looked back they would not see her bare breast as she rode us both to a climax. After awhile of her slowly riding my cock up and down, grinding her self into me and playing with her own clit she leaned back into me hard and I could feel her whole body stiffen, she turned her head around and kissed me so deeply I also came right then. I think her kissing me was to muffle her own cry of joy because this is the only time we kissed at all. After a few min. she had settled down and then she moved into her own seat next to the window, she bent over and placed the trench coat over her covering her head and most of her body. The next thing I know she had removed the condom from my now soft cock and began sucking out every last bit of cum that I had. A while longer she sat up and dressed herself and went to the bathroom, while she was gone I redressed and she came back. I started to ask her name but she put her finger to her lips to tell me not to say a word. She curled up in her seat and leaned over and lade her head in my lap and went to sleep. I sat there all night long realizing I was the luckiest man in the world and I had just had a once in a life time experience. Around 6:30 a.m. the bus pulled into Fort Dix N.J. and she awoke. She stood up, smiled and kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I still had along bus ride ahead of me to Fort Devens M.A. but I must had replayed that night a million times over in my mind.

I have traveled all over this world when I was in the military and I have had some great encounters with woman but, This one time on a Greyhound but will be with me forever. It has been 20 years sense that night and I still find myself thinking back to it over and over. I think it was a combination of a lot of things that made it so special. First just the chance encounter, second the mystery of not saying a word to each other, a total stranger but yet connected, third of course the thought of getting caught and fourth the way it ended with us parting as more then strangers but yet still not knowing each other. I thought many times of contacting some connections I had on Fort Dix but decided this was her fantasy and she got to live it out. If she wanted more then she would have told me her name so I left it at that but I do still think about here.

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