Hmmm, first blog post. Lets see were this goes.  

justforsex623 51M
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3/21/2006 8:21 am
Hmmm, first blog post. Lets see were this goes.

My first thoughts I guess will be about sex in the U.S. Is it just me or do so many people think (and yes, mainly woman) that you have to have a long term relationsip to have sex. I mean do woman not enjoy sex just for the pure pleasure of it. Why do so many think you have to be in love to be able to enjoy what the body does naturaly?

You look around this country and see how high the devorce rate is. It usely falls under 2 catagorys, money and sex. Can't do alot about the money but the sex part should have been known before they said I do. I have heard alot of guys complain that sex was great but when they said I do she said I don't anymore LOL.

Serously, what is wrong with just having sex because it feels so darn good. Do people not eat because they like the taste of food? Do people not go to the movies because it brings them pleasure? So why not do somthing that brings you more joy then both of the above just because you enjoy it?

Well I guess I will stop there for now. Leave your thoughts and comments. I would love to see some womans thoughts on this.

makemepurr1970 46F
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1/3/2007 9:18 pm

im no expert at love or sex, but i believe that people should enjoy life and what life has to offer. not all woman believe that you have to be in love to enjoy sex. i enjoy sex very much and that is truely all it is to me, unless im having sex with the man im in love with, than sex becomes making love not "sex". because a couple grows and shares by making love. you dont grow with someone by having sex, you only get to have fun for a couple of hours then its over and everyone goes home. about the "i do" statement that you made, that is very true in a high percentage of woman, and i think its because they finally got the man they want, now the game is over until some other woman is interested in her man. then she thinks by now he loves her enough to stay with her, even if she doesnt put out after they got married. alot of woman dont want there husband or boyfriend to find sex some where else, because they are afraid since they dont put out, that he will like what he gets so much that he will leave them for the other woman. if they truely loved their man they would want him to be happy and he would want her to be happy. "sex is sex"
you should enjoy it while your getting it, when its over the "fun" has ended. emotions are not involved in sex, only pure lust, a physical enjoyment. i hope after reading this a few woman look at sex alot differently than before.

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