see if you think this is true  

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6/27/2006 9:33 pm

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see if you think this is true

so i got a story for you see if you can tell if its real or not?

Copuple of years ago i was down in texas with some friends we were out on Mustang IS. down there having a little get togather on the beach. When one of them got butt naked and ran into the water. After getting out she came up to the fire we had made dripping wet and stood in the light of the fire. All of us was just looking at her. The water running from her hair to her breast drown to her shaved pussy oh so hot. She sat down on her towel with her legs spread open, and there it was her pussy just sitting there for every one to see so moist and wet for the water. I started to get wet and i guess everybody else was to. One of the other girls there went over to her and sat down. The look they gave each other you know what was going to happen, you would think they would go some place else, but they didn't. She (we will call her stacy the naked one) just layed back when (Julie) started to kiss her on the mouth. I was in shock but the whole time i could not take my eyes off of them. As julie went stright for stacys pussy, i get wet just thinking about it. There they were fucking right in front of me, by know my own pussy was dripping wet i could feel it without touching it. As i sat there and watch julie lick stacy pussy and herd the moans and the sucking of her cilt, i started to put my hand down my shorts my god i didn't realize how wet i was. I was completly wet from top to bottom.So as they was reaching the end of there show i had cam 4 times by myself. And it was the first time i really knew i liked girls alot. By the way my two friends are still together>

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7/9/2006 11:39 pm

A warm welcome to blogging, justforfun. *smiling*

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