Where are all the REAL people?  

justforfun469ing 45M/51F
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10/21/2005 7:13 am

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3/14/2007 11:51 am

Where are all the REAL people?

As I log on to this site daily, I wonder to myself--- Why do all these people take the time to fill out profiles, post pictures and chat with people they have no intentions of meeting. I'm not saying everyone on this web site is like that, but the majority are. They go as far as making definite plans, giving cell #'s and all --- and never intending to follow thru .... I know some people are just into cybering.... and that is ok if thats what you actually say in your profile...WOW I guess I'm just really that naieve....I know people like to portray themselves differently, but my BIG question is ----WHY? unless you have no intentions on meeting whomever it is you are portraying yourself to..... Help me out with this if you can.....>>>>>justforfun469ing<<<<<

porich36 53M
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12/2/2006 5:02 pm

I understand your frustration. I believe that when someone takes the time to contact you to introduce themselves, you should at least respond back within a reasonable amount of time (24 to 72 hours). Even if the response is to just simply say "Thanks but no thanks". Is that so hard? I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated.
Another pet peeve is people who do not fill out all of their profile. I especially hate those who leave the basic profile questions with prefer not to say on some of the major questions such as their height, body type, smoking, and drinking. The drugs one I could see, but still, let’s be honest. I could personally care less about the education as long as they can carry on an intelligent conversation in English. Race is unimportant to me. I like all races anyways. Oh yeah, for all you women out there, bra size could be important. Again, be honest. The more questions you leave unanswered, the more it seems to me that you have something to hide.
One last pet peeve is those women who want you to give them an e-mail address right away. It is right in the bottom of the section where you can send a message to a member that you should not send any contact information to them until you have traded 2 messages with them. It is for everyone’s protection. I would rather e-mail through AdultFriendFinder a few times before I give out my personal e-mail address and a phone number.
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Regards, Rich aka candy69sosweets Soldier Boy

rm_SexyStaleon 36M

12/27/2006 6:46 am

After having been on AdultFriendFinder for a couple of years now, I must admit I've seen just about every variation of half-witted intro's and even weaker intentions on setting up an actual meeting. What I do truly think it boils down to is not only, as you mentioned justforfun, the cybering but also down right nerves. If your talking to someone one AdultFriendFinder that doesn't have the confidence or ability to speak to you in person, then an online interaction makes it much easier for them to portray who they want to be, not necessarily who they are actually able to be. Its a sad situation, but just as with dating, one must weed out all those that your not interested in and take advantage of (so to speak, haha) those to whom you are attracted... and the feeling is reciprocated. To throw a little advert for myself, I noticed your intention to be having a party coming up in January. I would be honored and of course would be a pleasure to attend. Sensual women such as yourself should receive whatever it is that they long for on AdultFriendFinder. Keep me updated on its progression. Hope all find what they are looking for here on AdultFriendFinder. Good luck!

justforfun469ing replies on 12/27/2006 5:23 pm:
I will definitly keep you notified --- Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. I look forward to meeting you at my "party" Take care and talk to you soon!

Keith411 60M  
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1/14/2007 4:30 pm


I too understand your frustration I don't understand why there are so many faker's on this site. People it's not for nuns and priest's. Hey girl don't get frustrated...keep on doing what your doing. I too would love to attend one of your partys..as long as the folk's are respectful of one another I'm in.

Hang in there, keep me posted. Keith

rm_SexyStaleon 36M

2/13/2007 5:08 am

Hello justforfun,

Seems as if you've had to put that hot party idea on ice! Well we know that is hasn't been the weather up until the past month or so. How were your holiday's all around? I trust that you received all that you desired . So what are your plans for the near future? Are you trying to co-ordinate another fun-fest? Shit, people like yourselves are just amazing to share a drink with. The conversations never get boring and I'm sure you have plenty of intellect to boot. If you two would like to meet for a drink some time, I would be honored. I mean we have to live right down the street from each other... Cranston isn't that big, haha! Looking forward to hearing from you. Hope all is well. Have a wonderful day!

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