Younger men (part I)  

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8/24/2005 11:23 am

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Younger men (part I)

There is a lot to be said for them. I usually date older men...more stability,experience, they (sometimes) know what they want, don't get their feelings hurt easily, just more "grown up". I very rarely date men my own age. And I have always been that way. I have, however, been with two VERY wonderful younger men.

The most recent first: Five years younger....not a big difference, but I am only he is 23. I would assume fairly inexperianced....well we all know what you do when you assume. We started out very casually....Him telling me all about his girlfriend, which I don't mind. The sweet part about it was he leaned over and asked if I would mind if he kissed me. It has been a long time since anyone asked first. I, of course, said yes....electrifying. Made me flush with just a kiss. He stood and asked me if he could take me to the bedroom...after those kisses I couldn't refuse. He takes my hand and leads me to my room, lays beside me on my bed to kiss me more. Ever so sweetly. He unbuttons my pants, takes them off and very gently touches me. He undresses, Kisses me and I proceed to lick down his body. Taking him into my mouth, until he can't stand it anymore and he cums. we had had previous conversations about his girlfriends oral skills....he said she was the best, so I asked him how I ranked...I went from top 3 to number one by the time he ( was done. I move up to lay beside him, and he kisses me again. Climbs up missionary style and very slowly enters me, still being gentle and sweet. He starts to speed up a little...and more and more....he is fucking me so hard I thought I was going to go through the wall....he stops....get's off the bed and says come here. He scoots me down to the corner of the bed, bends my knees to my chest, grabs me under the shoulders and fucked me so hard my ribs hurt today, and I am having to sit on one ass cheek. WOW!!! After all my bad experiance with men recently...this was a pleasant surprise. I thought the whole time he was going to be a sweet and slow lover....not this bad boy. I chalk this up to one of my best experiances to date.

Thanks Dave!!!!

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