A Look Into My Depraved Imagination...  

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A Look Into My Depraved Imagination...

You don’t usually go into bars like this but something, a little voice inside your head, told you to check it out. Maybe the woman in the red catsuit on the door had something to do with it too.
You walk down a dimly-lit stairway and hear pulsating music getting louder and louder with each step, you open the door at the bottom of the stairs and enter a dark room, smoke everywhere and the only lights are the strobes flashing around the room. The first person you notice is a woman at the bar, with long straight dark hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back, a red leather basque covering her enormous tits, a red crutchless latex thong showing off her ample bum and black thigh high leather boots showing off her long legs, she’s hard not to notice.
You make your way through the crowds but by the time you reach the bar she’s disappeared leaving you wondering whether you did see a sexy vision of pure lust or whether you imagined her. Disappointed, you order a beer and all of a sudden the music stops and a few lights around the room come on,
“What’s all this?” You enquire to the barman as he hands you your beer,
“Jewelz is a-hunting again!” He informs you, what does he mean? Intrigue evident on your handsome face, taking a few steps away from the bar you stand on tip-toe to see over everyone to the stage where a slim brunette, wearing a black leather peephole bra and matching crutchless thong, is clapping her hands to encourage the crowd to keep cheering. You cant stop thinking about the other brunette who was at the bar when you arrived, where did she go? You think to yourself, imagining rubbing her gorgeous arse before bending her over the bar and taking her from behind in front of the crowd. This naughty thought surprises you and you’re brought back to your senses by the crowd who keep cheering and it starts to annoy you, you finish your beer and decide to leave but before you get to the door a soft hand grabs your own with a firm grip and a gentle voice whispers in your ear,
“Come with me babe” You turn around and you’re speechless when looking into your eyes is the big brunette that you’re fantasizing about even now… Aren’t you?,
“I don’t…” You begin, a little nervous but a light kiss from red lips silences you,
“Come on baby, I don’t bite… without permission that is!” I insist, putting my arms around your waist and giving your bum a playful squeeze,
“What’s going on?” You ask me, still nervous. I kiss you again, teasing your lips with my tongue,
“Follow me if you want to find out” I say and, curiousity getting the better of you, you let me lead you through the crowds and up to the stage.
Once we’re on the stage I take the hand of the slim brunette and, without turning to face the crowd, I lead you both backstage, along a corridor with doors either side.
“What’s going on?” You repeat and I say nothing, with a small grin playing on my red lips, I open one of the doors.
“Step inside, babe.” I ask you, giving your bum another playful squeeze. You do as I say and, as soon as the doors is closed behind us, I wrap my arms around you and pull you close to me, my trimmed pussy pressing against the bulge in your trousers. I kiss you again, forcing my tongue into your mouth to wrestle with your own tongue. I stop kissing you briefly,
“Get the blindfold, Amber.” I ask the slim brunette as I lead you to a chair in the middle of the room decorated in sumptuous reds and purples. I tell you to sit and you obey, I walk around you, unclipping my basque a bit at a time,
“Do you like my body?” I ask you, rubbing my hands over my large breasts, squeezing them to make them go hard and its only then that you realize what sort of club you’re in, a sex club full of sexy whores who are guaranteed and only to willing to show a lucky man a good time. Now is the time you should leave… Leave now! What are you? Crazy? The responsible side of you insists, Come on! 2 sexy brunettes to play with, to leave now would be tragic!! Says the devil on your shoulder,
“Well honey?” I ask, undoing the last clips and chucking my basque over to you, my hands on my hips, my eyebrows raised slightly, my legs slightly apart so you can barely make out the moisture on the slit of my pussy between red latex,
“Erm… well…” You struggle to find words,
“Well?” I ask again and finally you speak,
“I’m sorry but I think you’re the sexiest woman I have ever seen”
“Why thank you honey, I show gratitude to all in the nicest possible way” I walk behind you and cover your eyes with the blindfold while Amber undoes the buttons on your shirt and behind running her long fingernails along your bare chest,
“Let the games begin” I announce, walking around to give Amber a hand. I kiss your bare neck before taking off your shirt then begin kissing and nibbling your bare shoulders. I hear you sighing as you enjoy the attention and I stop for a moment, seeing from your facial expressions that you wish I hadn’t. The disappointment on your face quickly turns to shock as you feel something very cold and both sticky and slippery hit your chest,
“What was that?” The nervousness creeping back slightly but disappears when, as Amber licks your chest clean, you get to lick the same sticky substance from one of my huge breasts causing a quiet sigh to escape my own lips. Once you have licked my breast clean you finally speak,
“Whipped cream? I like it” You say in approval, smiling broadly, your trousers really straining now over your cock desperate to be let out.
“Well lets not stop there honey, ok Amber I think I can handle this one” I say as I take off the blindfold and hand it to Amber, kissing her on the lips, letting my tongue slide into her mouth while I squeeze her pert tits,
“You know where I am if you need me Jewelz, enjoy yourself honey, you’re with the best in the business” Amber gives you 1 last kiss and leaves us alone in the room.
“Now you have me to yourself what do you plan to do with me?” You bravely ask me, certain that you’re in for a most erotic experience.
“I plan on taking your clothes off for a start” I kneel at the side of you and take your shoes and socks off before I spread your legs, positioning myself between them. I rub your cock through your trousers for a minute and then slowly, 1 by 1, I undo the buttons keeping your cock prisoner. It springs out suddenly and nearly hits me in the face,
“Nice length” I’m impressed and, closing my fist around your shaft, I wank you, slowly but very firmly while you watch. After a few minutes I see you are probably enjoying my touch a little more than you should at this time. I stop and rise to my feet, with my back to you I lean forward slightly and unzip 1 of my boots, leaning forward more when I get to the bottom of my boot so you can view my tits swinging through the gap between my legs,
“I could say the same about your legs” You remark as I turn to face you, referring to my compliment on your dick.
“Haha! Would you like a drink?” I ask out of politeness but also part of the game,
"Ok, thanks" You reply and I walk over to a small fridge in the corner of the room. I return to you in the chair with an open bottle of lager. On the arms of the chair are little inserts, I climb up and place my feet in the inserts, my trimmed pussy just inches away from your face. You breathe in my scent and long to trace your tongue along my damp slit.
"I dont have any glasses I'm afraid" I inform you and I start pouring the cold liquid between my huge tits, down my stomach and my pussy and into your waiting mouth. You lap it up, licking lager from my thighs and then you gently run your tongue along the opening of my lager soaked pussy. You make me close my eyes and sigh for a moment but i have to stay in control a little longer.
"Yeah you seem like the type of fella who doesnt care for glasses when he drinks" I giggle, your stubble being ticklish on my sensitive clit but not annoying. I jump down and lead you to the floor,
"sit in front of me here" I tell you as I sit on the floor, next to a box, with my legs apart, next to a box, you do as I ask. I open the box and pull out a banana,
"What are you going to do with that?" That look of curiousity across your face again,
"Watch!" A naughty grin on my face as I peel the banana from it's skin, you watch as I pull my pussy lips apart and gently push the fruit halfway into the warm wet hole I just displayed for you,
"Oh thats just dirty!" You say in amazement, you go to say something else but you stop when I grab a bottle of chocolate sauce and a bottle of maple syrup from the box and squeeze copious amounts from each bottle over my enormous chest,
"No this is dirty" I laugh as I see your mouth drop open at the sight of this sexy slut with sticky sauce all over her tits and a banana in her pussy,
"Ok! You! You lick my tits clean and then you can eat this banana straight from my pussy, yeah?" I ask, knowing you're only to willing to oblige. without saying a word you begin devouring my boobs, licking them clean, sucking my nipples already sensitive from the cold lager that soaked them only a couple of minutes ago,
"Hmmm thats good honey, you're a horny devil" I say, grabbing your head, forcing you into my sticky chest. you say nothing, the only noises from you are slurps as you keep licking. Once you have finished you break away from me and I see your mouth covered in sauce, you attempt to wipe the sauce away with your hands but I stop you.
"Wait! Yoy have to eat that banana yet, honey..." I don't even finish what I'm saying before you dive between my legs and begin eating, smearing sauce around my pussy,
"I like watching a man enjoying his food" I grin as I watch you eating,
"Now eat my pussy" I demand once the banana has disappeared. You need no more encouragement as you lick my clit, swapping your tongue with your fingers you keep stimulating my hard sensitive clit and begin forcing your tongue into my tight wet hole trying to locate my G-spot. You reslise you've found it when I start shaking and soak your face in warm juices,
"You're very good honey, you must've had alot of practise" I sigh in between short breaths, lifting my pelvis slightly so your tongue can invade deeper. I grab the back of your head and cry out as the first of many orgasms takes over and you lie next to me, facing me,
"We're not done yet!" I inform you and reach for my box of tricks again. I take out an ice cube and pop it into my mouth, I push you onto your back and trail freezing cold soft kisses over your neck, shoulders and chest, down to your stomach and thighs, purposely missing your twitching cock,
"Oh you tease!" You say shifting around, teying to get your hard cock near my face, barely skimming my cheeks as I continue kissing your body. A few minutes of this and your cock is aching to be pleasured, the ice cube in my mouth has melted by now and out of my box of tricks I pull a cock ring with a metal stimulator attached and I place it around the base of your eager rod. Next I pull out a thick 9 inch vibrator and smear a little baby oil on it. I turn so I'm on all fours, this way I can pleasure your cock while you fuck me with my toy. You gently push the toy into my willing pussy to a hilt and I pop another ice cube into my mouth swallowing your cock whole, the ice teasing every inch of your rod,
"Oh yes! That's more like it" You cry out and turn the vibrations on causing me to cry out too, my whole body shakes as you fuck me hard and deep but slowly with the vibrator. I continue sucking your cock until the ice melts and then begin licking and gently nibbling the helmet, licking a little precum away. Man I want to feel that ice cold cock inside me! But not yet,
"Oh baby, make me scream!" I moan, still sucking your cock, making you moan with me. You take mt toy out of my pussy, turn the vibrations on higher and slowly rub the tip along my pussy, resting it on my clit for what seems like an eternity,
"Oh god! Yes, that's good!" You're making me shake violently but you still leave the tip on my clit and within seconds I am indeed screaming,
"Oh yes! Yes!" I cry and, noticing I'm having another orgasm, you quickly force the vibrator deep inside my pussy and leave it there as you yourself fill my mouth with your hot cum. Oh man I want to fuck you now! Pulling the toy out of my pussy I turn around and impale myself on your still hard cock and tie your hands to a pole which is strategically by your head,
"Man you're gonna get fucked good!" I assure you and fuck you I do! Slowly at first, savouring every inch of you, my pussy walls squeezing your cock as I slowly and gently bounce on top of you, my big tits swinging with every movement. You long to squeeze them as I fuck you, I can tell. I don't untie you though, not yet. I slowly pick up the pace of fucking you, your loud moans are all the encouragement I need to fuck you harder and harder,
"Untie me you bitch!" You demand but I refuse,
"No! I'm in charge here!" I reply as I lean forward, my nipples brushing across your lips briefly,
"Untie me!" I'm close to another orgasm so I release you and as soon as your hands are free you grab my hips and force me to fuck you even harder than I already am. You feel your about to cum yourself but, instead of shooting your load right now, you stop for a second to compose yourself,
"You are 1 good fuck Jewelz! But now it's my turn!" You push me off you and turn me over so i'm on all fours, grab my hips and ram your rock hard cock into my gaping hole and continue fucking me hard and fast. Your hands move to my tits and you squeeze them hard, pinching my nipples so hard it feels like they're on fire. then you move a hand down to rub my clit furiously as you fuck me harder and harder, your balls bouncing between my arse cheeks,
"How do you like that you horny fucking bitch?" You ask me, my load moans of ecstacy say more than words ever could. I can feel your cock twitching inside my pussy, you're about to come. I free myself from you and turn around and sit, leaning back slightly with my legs wide open, one hand supporting my weight, the other furiously rubbing my clit, burying 2 fingers deep inside my stretched hole,
"Come on honey! Cover me with your juices!" within seconds you oblige, crying out with relief as you soak my face and chest with cum while I come myself, juices collecting on my fingers. You sit next to me, both breathless, and I lay back placing my fingers in your mouth so you can clean them while, with my other hand, I rub your sticky liquid into my spent body. We both lie in each other's arms for a few minutes, catching our breath and then, once we have recovered, you stand and put your clothes back on. I, myself, slip on a black silk dressing gown and leave it open so my body is still visible to you,
"You can go now, honey." I say as I lead you to another door,
"This door will take you out onto the street so you don't have to walk through the club if you don't want to." I add,
"Yeah, I think that would be best." You reply and with a brief, yet delightful kiss, you disappear.
Do you think you will ever be back?...

_madwolfuk01 41M

8/22/2006 2:31 pm

WOW hun, and you said you had nothing to say?!?!

Very nice story, does it depict your alter ego perhaps?

If so when can we meet? lol

Seriously though, great story, very discriptive, and as a great man once said, " I'll Be Back"


justaskme779 37F

8/22/2006 3:30 pm

Aww wolfy thanks
As for alter-egos... there's more to me than meets the eye

rm_puttridge 34M
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8/23/2006 3:37 am

wow u have 1 very erotic mind could actually see me in the story it was that good! i just wish every women was like u!

rm_dustman1962 54M
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8/24/2006 8:38 am

this lady is some thing special with a mind like this wow who would need anything else. would love to meet her n maybe one day i will but untill then dreams always will.

xxxlucky69xxx 49F
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8/24/2006 7:23 pm

WOW JUST....n theres me thinking u was kinda shy...omg how wrong was i... way 2 go girl....

justaskme779 37F

8/25/2006 2:50 am

    Quoting xxxlucky69xxx:
    WOW JUST....n theres me thinking u was kinda shy...omg how wrong was i... way 2 go girl....
LMAO - youre saying WOW at that??
lucky lucky lucky erm this may shock you but that story is tame compared to others I've written, watch this space for more of my artwork xxx

_madwolfuk01 41M

8/25/2006 3:25 am

    Quoting justaskme779:
    LMAO - youre saying WOW at that??
    lucky lucky lucky erm this may shock you but that story is tame compared to others I've written, watch this space for more of my artwork xxx
Hehehe i wait in anticipation

rm_puttridge 34M
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8/25/2006 11:48 am

fookin hell it gets hotter? cant wait ; ) / / 8 = 8 \ 8 . . . \ 8

rm_puttridge 34M
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8/25/2006 11:49 am

smily key not workin y? nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo

rm_dewraj06 40M
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8/25/2006 4:31 pm

hmm abs love the story. and gud to know the insight of mind of a homely mother of two who doesn't go out much.. u cud teach those steam writers a trick or two about story writing.

u sure it's not real life and just ur imagination. wud luv to chat with ya.

justaskme779 37F

8/26/2006 6:01 am

    Quoting rm_dewraj06:
    hmm abs love the story. and gud to know the insight of mind of a homely mother of two who doesn't go out much.. u cud teach those steam writers a trick or two about story writing.

    u sure it's not real life and just ur imagination. wud luv to chat with ya.
Thanks for the positive feedback, I have been told I should have my stories published so you never know... And yes my stories are just my imagination lol!

dustywidgetonly 59M

8/30/2006 10:20 pm

Lovely imagination. Good start.

rm_m4f4fun1961 55M
20 posts
9/7/2006 4:08 pm

Published? They need to be censored. That was the horniest thing to come from anyones imagination for years!
Keep it going or enatc it with me as the leading male!!!!!

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