the way it use to be..  

just_tourtureme 34F
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8/7/2006 5:41 pm
the way it use to be..

i remember of the way it use to be when he kissed me for no reason and was always int he mood for anything at any place or given time... i remember this one day in articular.. we had a party at the house just a few friends.. i had on a skirt and a low cut shirt.. went to the bathroom and he walked in just as i was ready to leave. With out saying a word he pushed him self in to me putting his hands on my waist.. walking me towards the wall.. he kissed my neck and bit my lips as he reached in my shirt to make my breast pop out of my shirt.. he bent me over on the sink.. slightly pushing my skirt up and pulling my thong to the side.. he put it in me as deep as he could go and i reached for something to hold on to as i gasped at the feeling of his hard cock in me.. he pinched my nipples as his moved faster getting closer to climax.. i could feel my self dripping and he put his hand over my mouth to keep me from being to loud as i orgasm squeezing his cock in my pussy.. he pulled out just as soon as i was done and turned me around to cum in my mouth.. we both walked and couldn't help but giggle

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