The male AFF experience  

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9/11/2005 2:30 pm

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The male AFF experience

It's not uncommon for a guy to send out 10 emails and only get a couple of replies. and they are often polite rejections. Maybe I'm unattractive to most women, but in Oregon the ratio of women to men on this site is 10 to 1... In California it's over 13 to 1. Of course men are the ones that initiate contact so most women's email inbox is packed. They don't reply all the time, partly because they have too many. I recently explained to a female AdultFriendFinder member about how the experience is so much different for men then women and she was very surprised. I think both women and men could be a little more understanding of other's perspective.

justsayhi2005 51F

9/11/2005 3:59 pm

hi phuntimes,
The fact that most of the men are sending out 10 emails a day shows in most of the emails the women receive on this site. Most give very little indication that the man even read the woman's ad. So if you're getting a mailbox full of emails everyday that you can tell another dozen or so women are getting from the same person there's not much incentive to write back. It's the men who show an actual interest in the person they are writing to who get the replies. By showing interest I mean telling the person what prompted you to write, introducing yourself by name, and not simply creating a form letter and sending it to every woman within a 50 mile radius of where you live and hoping someone bites. Show a little interest, a little respect, a little personality and you might be surprised at how many replies you get. Oh and it might interest you to know that the women on this site do talk to each other so they all know it when the same email shows up in all of their inboxes. lol
Good luck.

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