Got laid. Something missing.  

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5/6/2006 8:18 pm

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Got laid. Something missing.

It's really funny . . .
I've been wanting to get laid for the past while and for various reasons the opportunity just hasn't come along. 2 days ago i managed to get laid. A friend of mine who i was chatting to on friday said to give her a call when i finished work. So I did and i went to her place and we had a great time together. It felt really good and i'm so glad we did it cause we've been talking about it for so long. I was feeling really satisfied cause it was something i've been wanting to get out of my system for a while now. We've spoken since and have both decided that it was great and that we both enjoyed it very much.
There are only two things that have left me maybe a tad unsatisfied . . .
We were making out on her bed for quite a while. She was a great kisser so i really enjoyed it. We kissed and fondled each other for ages. Damn it felt good! I was also very nervous about everything - which is very unlike me. Usually i'm pretty calm about having sex but there was something about this time that made me nervous. Lots of kissing helped to settle me down a bit.
Eventually I decided that it was time to move on, so i started to kiss my way down her body with the intention of going down on her - something i've really wanted to do for a while. I love going down on a woman cause i just love the way they react to what i do. Hearing a woman enjoy have a man please her orally turns me on immensely. As I moved down she reached down and grabbed my head. I looked up at her and she hinted that she didn't want me to. So I came back up and kissed her some more.
I rubbed my penis against her pussy to tease her. The more i did it, the more i could tell that she wanted me to enter her. slowly i entered her. it felt so good. I thought to myself 'This is what i've been looking for'. As I thrusted in and out of her I could see that it felt good to her.
After about 10 minutes of being on top of her I felt the urge to orgasm hit me. Eventually it got too much for me and i came inside her. Usually I last a lot longer than that but I think maybe because of my nerves and the fact that it felt so good I just came a lot quicker than usual.
Afterwards I realised that because i was feeling so good I didn't realise if she had orgasmed at all. Turns out that she didn't, which she tells me later is not unlike her.
Now, 2 days later, i feel really strange. I feel satisfied but unsatisfied at the same time. While she felt really good and the sex was amazing, i feel bad for a few reasons.
1. i didn't make her orgasm. I take great pride in making sure a woman cums when i sleep with her. I feel like i'm ripping her off if she doesn't.
2. I only lasted about 10 minutes. Fuck that's pathetic. She reckons she's had guys that have not lasted 2 minutes but it still feels bad cause i know that i usually last so much longer than that. I reckon it has to have been the nerves that did it to me.
3. I didn't get to taste her pussy. There's just something about going down on a woman that excites me. A lot of women think that guys only do it so they will return the favour and suck thier dicks but i couldn't care less about it. I could spend all day going down on a woman and not want anything else in return. I really wish she had wanted me to do it to her.
4. Because i didn't last very long we only got one position in. While there's nothing wrong with the old missionary position, there's just so much more out there. I feel like i wasn't being overly adventurous - she actually said the same to me. lol But given the time frame we had to work in before i came we didn't really have a chance.
and 5. We didn't go again. Because we're such good friends, we started talking and eventually the conversation took off and it just wouldn't have been right to have done it again. It kind of would have made up for me cumming so quickly but hey, them's the breaks.
So anyway, after this lengthy blog posting - which i've just realised is my first real one - i'm still feeling kind of weird because of the above stuff, but it's been kind of interesting to blog it and have a think about it.
I dunno if anyone will read it but if you do, feel free to leave your thoughts. I'm curious to see what people think about it.
i dunno if i can get this on here but if you want you can add this username at hot mail to an M S N messenger list if you wanna talk about it. or you can use it to email your thoughts.

sexyariesgirl 57F

5/6/2006 8:30 pm

Seeing that you have spoken to her since and she agreed that it was an enjoyable experience, you shouldn't feel bad about it. Sometimes because of nerves or whatever the first time is a bit quicker or a bit more rushed feeling. It sounds like you will probably be seeing her again so take the next opportunity to have a more involved longer lasting session. If you feel comfortable enough with her, ASK her if she likes oral sex. She may have never had an enjoyable experience with oral or she just might not like it for some reason. You won't know if you don't ask! Good luck!

Power To FOK

SlimGoodGuy 38M

5/6/2006 8:39 pm

I think a woman's feedback on this will help more than anything I could say. You've got the right things on your mind as far as I can tell. A lot of guys are in your shoes. I'm just a little suspicious about her end of it all. Do you think she's being polite to avoid hurting feelings or do you think she had as much of a good time as she claims? I only ask because lots of women do "the polite thing."

meresu 56F

5/6/2006 8:45 pm

Oh god you sound like yr not gong to get another one for ages and trying to fit everything into this one!!!lol

SO u didn't get to lick pussy -It's not always about what u want! Sorry I don't think you should always get what you want1 she didn't want it so she got what she wanted

AS for 10 mins Hey I have had a guy One min thats when you start to feel cheated!!!

Gice yourself a break expect less and you might get more!
good luck

just_a_figure 36M

5/6/2006 10:18 pm

Well i've been having a bit more of a think about the whole thing. I pretty much still think the same about it all.
I don't feel 'bad' as such about it. It's just left me wanting more i suppose.
I know for a fact that she is very genuine in her response to it all. We're really good friends and we're honest with each other about everything.
I've never been nervous with any other woman - and no it's not an emotional 'love type' thing. It's probably just cause we are friends rather than just two people having sex. I dunno. lol
And in regarding to the licking pussy thing - she didn't want it and i'm more than cool about it. I know she's into it cause we've had many conversations on the top of sex and what we like etc etc . . . I suppose i just feel that if she had let me that maybe she might have gotten something more out of it. I dunno again. I'm just rambling now. lol

meresu 56F

5/6/2006 11:41 pm

NO It's nice to get what you want- licking pussy- and you didn't get it and your dissapointed thats all.
Cheer Up you can go and find my pussy now and don't leave it so long LOL!

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