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6/10/2005 4:37 pm

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June 10th 2005

Well, after awhile online, I was chatting with this cute chick on yahoo messenger, and she wanted to meet, she even was the 1st to contant. We talked alittle nasty, then we both wanted to meet at a little motel. She gave me her cell, car discription, and everything else needed. After getting to the hotel, and calling answer, ok so I left a message. I waited at the hotel parking lot like a dumb ass for 30 minutes, and tried to call her answer. I guess woman like this, just get their kicks doing this to guys. Maybe it makes them feel wanted or whatever that makes woman tick.

Why do you women just play mind games? If you go as far as to contact a man, talk dirty to them, and say you want to get fucked, just as bad as we do, then you bail at the last moment.

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